Careers Emma morgan

The job I would like to do is a beautician I think this job will suit me really good as I am really into make up

This job is related to being a social person, to talk to people and not to just stand there and make it awkward for yourself

You would also need to be creative and be able to do this job right because if your makeup is too dark it might not suit the person as well as you think

You’ll need:

a friendly and welcoming manner

the ability to make clients feel relaxed

the ability to explain procedures clearly to clients

tact and diplomacy

the ability to sell products and earn commission

business awareness if you’re self-employed

Subjects that you need would be art to know how to blend and science for the beauty and the chemicals

The qualifications you need would be a level 2 for facials and makeup and a level 3 for hair

In this job you book people in to get there selves beautified

The hours of work would be 37-40 hours per week

I would like to open up my own business instead of applied

You can earn up to 25,000 or 30,000 pound per year

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