Carcharodon Megalodon Bri Maccubbin

  • The Megalodon existed during the Neogene period alongside great whites for quite a few years.
  • There are many theories suggesting the reasoning of the extinction of such successful predators such as a decrease in water temperature, vulnerability of young, hunting grounds drying up, and decrease in food supply.
  • It is only a conspiracy that great white sharks are the closest living relative of the Megalodon. This is backed by evidence on both sides relating to fossil evidence.
  • The Megalodon was a large predator that ranged from 40- 59 feet, their size allowed them to become the ultimate apex predator of their time.
  • The Megalodon's great size would have allowed for an extremely large buildup of muscle making the Megalodon very fast.
  • Estimates made by scientists predict that the Megalodon had a biting force of 10.8 tons to 18.2 tons per square inch where a great white has a bite force of about 1.8 tons.
  • Most adult Megalodon teeth were in the range of 4-5”. Few massive Megalodon teeth have been found at about 7”. The largest genuine Megalodon tooth is a 7.48” tooth that was found near Ocucaje, Peru.
  • Megalodon often gave birth to their young in shallow waters (much like the lemon shark) and doing this allowed the young to become acclimated to surviving in the world. One of these known spots are the Calvert Cliffs in Maryland.
  • Fishermen Terrified by Giant Shark: In 1918 local fisherman refused to go back out to sea after an unbelievably massive shark had demolished their gear and taken their catch. These were experienced men of the sea, but whatever they had seen had frightened them so much that they refused to work. They described it as between 35 and 90 meters long and pure white in color.
  • Massive Shark Threatens 55-Foot Fishing Boat: In the 1960s, the captain of a 55-foot fishing ship reported that a white shark at least as long as the boat passed by while they sat at anchor. The Captain, an experienced sailor, would have been able to recognize a whale if that is what it had been, but he claimed it was in fact a giant shark.

Don't mess with the mighty Megalodon

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