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Created with images by Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho - "Winter Glow" • Zach Dischner - "Lets Watch Winter Roll In" • laszlo-photo - "The Mountain Exhaled" • dyonis - "Enfoui sous la neige" • David Schiersner - "frozen water" • Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho - "Alignment" • bortescristian - "Piatra Fantanele" • Ar Lit - "5DII" • bortescristian - "Schmittenhöhe - Zell am See" • cfaobam - "Polarlicht-Reise 2013 - Tag10 - 28" • Richard 'Tenspeed' Heaven - "Epsom - Snow day" • bortescristian - "Aiguille du Midi, Mont-Blanc"

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