Día de Los Muertos Day of the Dead at the Mexican American Cultural Center

Day of the Dead Digital Program: Nov 1 & 2

The ESB Mexican American Cultural Center is proud to present our Día de Los Muertos event. This celebration has been a tradition at the ESB-MACC for over a decade. This year for the first time, we will present a digital event that anyone can view for free from a computer, tablet, or phone! Local artists and the community can participate, making this a collective digital event.

The digital program, which is free to view on this page and on the MACC Facebook /Youtube on November 1 and 2, will include presentations, programs, and performances all relating to Day of the Dead.

Programs and Partners:

MC: Alex Marrero

Alex Marrero is an independent musician born in Mexico City living in Austin, TX. He got his professional start as band leader and producer for the world music group Ghandaia. Alex carries a musical sensitivity which allows him to contribute drums, percussion, guitar or vocals to any situation and has performed around the world in projects of many genres. Alex is also the lead singer of the band Brownout. His unique bravado has garnered him a reputation as a talented, engaging front man and his vocal contribution to “Brownout Presents: Brown Sabbath" earned him high praise from Ozzy Osbourne himself. As a bilingual voice-over talent, Alex can be heard around the City of Austin as the official voice of Capital Metro's buses and trains!

Maico y El Nacional - Fiesta Calavera

Fiesta Calavera es un viaje por el paisaje musical de la celebración más famosa de México en el mundo: el Día de Muertos.

Desde el misterio de los sones istmeños pasando por el jolgorio de la costa hasta llegar a los huapangos y corridos del noreste, Fiesta Calavera es un retrato vivo de nosotros los mexicanos, esos locos que no dejamos descansar a nuestros difuntitos que al fin y al cabo "la vida es una ilusión que dura lo que dura una canción.

Trio Los Vigilantes

Trio Los Vigilantes was formed in the late 1990's with the idea of transporting their listeners to the days of yesteryear, of Caballeros y Damas, recreating the romance of La Epoca de Oro...The Golden Age of Latin American music and cinema. In the 1950's, the music of Latin America was at the peak of a period of intense creativity, and one of the many genres that gained a lot of popularity during this time was the Bolero, especially those sung in three-voice harmony by the famous trios of Mexico like Los Panchos. These Boleros reflected a sense of Spanish melodrama and sentimentality, but also borrowed musically from American jazz and pop. Los Vigilantes is one of the few groups remaining today that sing these classic songs in the tradition of the trios of old.

Los Vigilantes was spearheaded by Isaac Peña, inspired by his father who had his own trio in the late 50's in South Texas. When Isaac met Mexico City expatriate, Luis Angel Ibáñez, their mutual affinity for the Bolero was the bond that laid the foundation for the formation of Los Vigilantes. They knew that though the Bolero and the tradition of the Trio had faded for decades, there would be many who would feel their same sense of nostalgia and wonder from its reintroduction. Being both Baritones they began working on the 2nd and 3rd harmony voices, but knew that a Tenor would be needed to complete the group--a high, pure voice to carry the melody. After auditioning a few singers, there was one who clearly stood above the rest, John Pointer. Though not a Spanish-speaker, the passion of his voice and his knowledge of Italian (and its similiarity to Spanish) made him the ideal candidate for Los Vigilantes.

Two decades later, Trio Los Vigilantes continues to keep the Trio tradition alive into the 21st century, and hopes to carry the torch of the Bolero and La Epoca de Oro for years to come.

Javier Jara

In his native country, Ecuador, Javier Jara fell in love with music as a young child when relatives would bring their guitars to family gatherings, playing and singing Latin American folk music. Inspired by this experience, Javier now writes music as a form of both political and social activism. He counts as influences such iconic artists as Victor Jara, Mercedes Sosa, Silvio Rodriguez, Chico Buarque, and Atahualpa Yupanqui, among other popular Latin American musicians. Javier plays the guitar and sings.

Ballet Folklorico de Austin

Somos un lugar enfocado en entrenar a ninos y jovenes en la disciplina de danza folklorica mexicana. Por medio de la danza los maestros inculcan en los ninos y jovenes el valor del respeto, tolerancia, disciplina, y amor por las costumbres mexicanas.

Frida Friday ATX October Virtual Holiday Market - Think Big, Shop Small

Check out www.fridafridayatx.org to shop from a market full of independent BIPOC artists and community creatives!

Shopping pages linking you directly to over 70+ makers and creatives go live at 5PM on Friday 10/23!

How Can the Community Participate?

Calavera de Azúcar/ Sugar Skull

Pick up a FREE Sugar Skull Kit!

STEP 1: Fill out the registration form, and pick up your kit (no-contact drive through) at the MACC Oct 26-30. The MACC is located at 600 River St. Austin.

STEP 2: Watch the MACC's instructional videos below to learn how to make sugar skulls, paper marigolds, and more!

* Sugar skull kits are free to pick up at the MACC during select hours. Supplies are limited. Please register and you will get an email with instructions for the no-contact pickup. The kit includes one blank sugar skull, paint and decorations, and tissue paper / pipe cleaner for making a paper marigold flower. Adult supervision is required when using the kit. The sugar skulls are for decoration only. (Non-edible!)

Learn How to Make Sugar Skulls:

Learn How to Make Paper Flowers:

Sugar skull making at the ESB-MACC in 2018
Ofrenda/ Altar

Take a Photo / Video of Your Altar

What are your Day of the Dead traditions? Who are you honoring this year? What do you place on your ofrenda?

We love to see participation from the MACC community. Submit photos of your ofrenda or artwork to be included in our program on November 1-2.

Step 1: Share your photos/videos with the MACC. Include a description and your name!

Step 2: Watch the digital program on Nov 1 & 2!

To submit, send them to: maccevents@austintexas.gov or upload them to google drive and share with ESBMACCPHOTOS@gmail.com. You can also tag the MACC on social media when posting your photos. If you would like us to share your photos, please include a description and your name so that we can include those details in our program.

La Catrina / The Elegant Skeleton

Submit a photo for our Catrina/ Calavera Contest!

Step 1: Snap a photo of you in your Day of the Dead look and submit them to our contest!

Step 2: Vote on social media and get your friends to vote!

Step 3: Watch the live program on Nov 1 & 2 to see the winner announced.

Who is la Catrina? Why do people paint their face like skeletons? The original image was created by artist Jose Guadalupe Posada in Mexico City in right before the Mexican Revolution. The Catrina is a well-dressed skeleton that pokes fun at the brevity of life, the futility of materialism, and is a commentary on both death impersonated and a historical embrace of the life/ death cycle that started in ancient Mexico.

Calavera Makeup Tutorials with Bianca

Graphic artist Bianca Olivares Reyes will provide fun facepaint/ makeup tutorials! Look for these on the MACC facebook leading up to the event and don't forget to share your looks with the MACC! #ESBMACC

(The MACC will not provide the makeup/ facepaint this year, but we will provide plenty of inspiration!)

Sugar Skull Decorating with MACC Education

Our education team will be doing video demonstrations and online lessons.

To sign up to pick up your Sugar Skull goody bag, sign up here!

Diana Molina, Juntos Art Association

Diana Molina from Juntos Art Association will present her visual art program for Day of the Dead. She will provide a insider's perspective into her artists workshop, her altar, and mask making techniques.

Diana's program includes homage to the El Paso Shooting victims in 2019. She will be showcasing music from Frontera Boogaloo. Her program will include a film screening of “La Catrina”, a beautiful art film that she produced.

Las Piñatas ATX

Las Piñatas ATX will provide an outdoor art installation in the Gran Entrada of the ESB-MACC, at 600 River St.

The MACC building is closed to the public, but people walking by on the MACC grounds can still enjoy this installation outside!

La Catrina Misteriosa

Who's this famous Catrina at the MACC? Spotted at Day of the Dead at the MACC in 2019, her photos have inspired teen artwork all year! Can you help us find this mystery Catrina? If you know her, send us a message on the MACC Facebook/ Instagram!

We want to hear from you!