Florida Museum of Natural History By the Spectacular Victor Espidol

Photos by Victor Espidol ft. Regine Coloso (Our Energy Future Exhibit at the Florida Museum of Natural History)

Nature on Display: The exhibit that I found to intriguing was the Our Energy Future exhibit, because it such an unexpected and pleasing display. I thought that the museum was going to be completely of nature, from animals to plants and to the extinct, so when there was an exhibit about sustainability and renewable energy resources I was happy about it. The idea that people come to the museum to see how wonderful nature and our environment are, to be later a faced with the realistic issues that modern society faces is extremely important to me. The amount of waste we humans produce is affecting our environment a great deal, so exposing more individuals to sustainability and renewable resources is crucial to the health of this world we live in. The experience I had in the museum re-inspired me to really start implementing habits that aren’t so hazardous to the environment. Such as recycling and planting more trees. As a student majoring in electrical engineering, I am now devoted into the prospects of solar energy and geothermal energy, two types of energies that are clean and safe for us humans to utilize.

Photo by Victor Espidol ft. Cute tiny bird (Butterfly Rainforest at the Florida Museum of Natural History)

Nature and Ethics: The experience I had in the Butterfly rainforest was exactly the way Leopold describes how we should view nature. The scenery of the beautiful plants was so enticing and such a wonderful display, it made me feel as if I was at the epitome of nature. The way the sun rays hit the exhibit really brought out the colors and magnificence of the exhibit. Being in such an amazing exhibit was great, but the best part was of course the several butterflies that flew around in the air. I was lucky enough to have been the landing spot of a beautiful white butterfly. It was that moment that made me feel like I really was one with nature. All I could think of was how great it must be to be a butterfly, to live in such a wonderful environment wear fruits are always at reach to eat. The experience I felt made me really value the beauty of nature, and to made me want to plant my own rainforest so I can raise my own butterflies.

The Florida Fossils: Evolution of Life and Land exhibit at the Florida Museum of Natural History

Nature and the Human Spirit: The museum helps us step out of our individual lives by showing us the species that used to roam this earth. That just as them, we are only living until our own extinction. It really shows us the evolution of time and the beauty and sadness that has become of the earth. The Florida Fossils: Evolution of Life and Land exhibit allows us to understand the difficulties that were expressed in ancient times, and how lucky we as humans are to live in such a safe and social environment. The museum allows us to appreciate the past and really care for our present-day environment.

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