DCHS Visual Arts February 25- MARCH 1, 2019

Last Week

Advanced Class: Packing tape Earth Day sculptures are underway!

Artist: Savannah Craig

Intro Class: Origami is in the books!

Happening This Week

Introduction Class: Art of Ancient Greece

Essential Question: What recurring motifs are present in ancient Greek artworks?

Advanced Class: Earth Day, Packing Tape Sculptures continued...

Essential Question: How can we provoke action with ironic artwork?

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Quartz Art Therapy

Mindful Body Scanning

We will continue with postcards this week during clubs! Once finished, we will create an atmosphere of low lighting, essential oil fragrance, and relaxing sounds. We will mindfully scan our bodies, concentrating on toes and moving all the way up towards the head. We will assign colors to each area, with green being relaxed, yellow being tense, and red being painful. For example, for me, my upper back would be labeled as red because it is knotted, hurting and in need of some care. However, my feet would be labeled "green" because I took the time last week to soak them in a vinegar epsom salt bath to release tension and impurities.

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Congratulations Shyann King!

Shyann not only won the DCHS Love the Bus contest, but she also won the county-wide Love the Bus design contest and we are stoked for her! We love your design and can't wait to receive class shirts sporting your awesome artwork! Awesome job girl...you are so talented!

DCHS Artists of the Month

January: Creative color wheels using primary, tertiary and second colors are now on display at the Artzy Cafe! Pictured from left to bottom right is work by Coryn Long, Kirsten Fowler, and Kassie Valero. Go check them out and have an awesome cup of coffee while you're at it! Great job ladies!

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Hunter Art Museum Spring Field Trip: Thursday, April 11

Our first stop will be Coolidge Park, where we will complete an art lesson on the waterfront and relax! Next, we will grab lunch in the North Shore area and then head over Walnut Street Bridge to the Hunter Art Museum for our guided tour. The exciting thing is, we will be able to view our own artwork that will be on Display! For the entire month of April, Earth Day artwork completed by DCHS students will be exhibited for your viewing pleasure! We would love your support!

DCHS Traveling Painting

This is a fun, light-hearted initiative to engage the community. Next week, I will choose someone to watch over a DCHS artwork for 3 days. Within this duration, the person is encouraged to take a selfie with the piece, complete a T.A.G. art critique of the artwork, encourage family members to do the same, and post to social media with @DCHSvisualart and #dchsvisualarts, #dchstravelingpainting. Then, they will pass the painting and instructions on to someone else. Let's see how far our artwork can travel!

DCHS Annual Art Show: Cynefin

Monday, Aprill 22 at 5:30 p.m.

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