Franklin Pierce Cameron Reed

Early Life

Franklin Pierce was born in Hillsborough, New Hampshire on November 23, 1804. His father, Benjamin Pierce, was a Lieutenant in the Revolutionary War.


Franklin Pierce went to Bowdoin College and later went to Northampton Law School.


Pierce had left for Washington DC in November 1833 to become a congressman. He was part of the House of Representatives and the Senate before he became the 14th President of the United States.

Presidency And Impact

Franklin Pierce was the 14th President and had very few impacts. He backed the Kansas-Nebraska Act, and he accelerated the course towards civil war.


After Pierce died, he vanished from memory and was all in all, just another president. He didn't have a major impact in American history.

Fun Facts

Did you know, Pierce was a member of the New Hampshire State Legislature at the same time his father was governor of New Hampshire?



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