Mother Nature's Virus By Joey Iskandar

Factories, cars, oil spills, landfills, garbage, and burnt fossil fuels are all factors of one big thing that may cause life on Earth to disappear.

There is only one word that can be thought of when these words are spoken: Pollution

People on Earth are one of the main causes of environmental issues today. Since living on Earth is crucial, something needs to change in order to continue a healthy life.

Pollution is the process of making air, water, or land filthy or unsafe to use . Air pollution is usually caused by burning fossil fuels and increased carbon in the atmosphere. This is usually what causes global warming. Global warming is when burnt fossil fuels builds up in the atmosphere. This causes sun rays to build up in the atmosphere and make the earth warmer.

A pie chart of the responses gathered when asked the question, "Do you have a recycling bin in your house?"

70 middle schoolers from Coleytown Middle School were surveyed about environmental issues today. Information was gathered to see how pollution is affecting the Earth today. About 18 percent of the interviewed Coleytown students do not have a recycling bin in their house. Recycling is the process of taking something and making it into something new. Landfills are also big problems in many places today.

This question was asked. One means always, and 4 means never.

43 percent say that they always recycle. Smoking is also a problem because the increased amounts of burnt tobacco smoke is building up in the atmosphere and causing problems.

A Coleytown student named Hannah Conn says,

“It just makes me sad seeing how all of humanity just thinks they can do these things without consequences”

In this quote, she exclaims that everything has a consequence. People cannot continue use factories and burn fossil fuels without realizing the risk that is having on life on Earth.

"You know it may make me dead one time" - Max Dorsey, Coleytown Middle schooler.

Environmental issues impact our lives. About 37% of the people surveyed said that pollution does not really affect their lives lately. What they do not know, is that it is affecting our lives a lot today. Global warming melts glaciers. Glaciers are big pieces of ice that float on the poles of the Earth. The snows of Kilimanjaro have melted more than 80 percent since 1912.

Kilimanjaro snows

Glaciers in the Garhwal Himalaya in India are melting so fast that researchers believe that most central and eastern Himalayan glaciers could virtually disappear by 2035. This causes sea levels to rise. This risks houses that live near seas to become flooded . In Westport, many people live near the beach and if the sea level increases too much, houses could have devastating effects and cause a lot of devastation. Global warming affected Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The coral reef is dying due to global warming. The water is becoming warm, and the reef can not survive in that ecosystem. When corals die, they lose their color and become white.

A before and after picture of the great Australian Reef in Australia

Pollution can impact school communities. If a sixth grader sees an 8th grader picking up trash off the floor and helping out with clean ups, the sixth grader will do the same because to sixth graders in our school. Eighth graders are the oldest ones and the most influential in middle schools, and if another person sees that sixth grader helping out, the other person will also do the same, and this chain of good deeds is how keeping our environment clean. If a sixth grader sees an 8th grader trashing the place and throwing paper and trash around, then the sixth graders will think that that is the “cool” thing to do and start doing the same thing and eventually the whole school will do that. Eighth graders have a big and influential role in Coleytown, and that is why it is up to the eighth graders to do the right thing.

It is sad to say that this article has reached its resolution. Pollution does not only affect humans on Earth, it also affects the animals that are suffering from it. Hundreds of fish die during oil spills, many animals die during forest fires, and the air from fossil fuels are harmful for animals. That is the devastating truth, so hopefully, this will influence you to do something about environmental issues.

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