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Hey everyone,

Welcome back from winter break! We had a great last semester full of awesome AIAA events, so read up on our events, upcoming activities, and recaps of team projects! Thanks to all our members for an amazing last semester, and here's to another awesome month!

- Kelly Graham, AIAA Secretary

February Events!!

Tripoli Launch- Sanctioned high powered rocket launches in Paige, Texas. Awesome chance to see some high powered rockets in the heart of Texas, hang out with some cool folks and meet new people interested in rocketry! February 9th, all day.

Space Geeks Speak - Let’s talk about engineering, current aerospace, think tank ideas and processes over coffee and pastries. Get your geek on! AIAA will get your coffee. Each Saturday we will have a trivia questions for you to check your space knowledge. All guesses go into a drawing box, the first correct guess receives a Starbucks gift card. This is an AIAA Houston event. Classic Seabrook Café 2511 Nasa Rd 1, Seabrook, TX 7586, Saturday Mornings 8:30-9:30 AM.

Aerospace Professionals Committee - AIAA-UH alumni and other invited professionals from SAIC, Boeing, NASA - JSC and more will be there. An awesome opportunity to ask questions to our past members and industry members about anything from the workplace environment to current projects. The dress code is business casual, and there will be food catered. February 21st at 7pm in SEC 105

Science and Engineering Fair of Houston Volunteering - Assist in student/ judge registration and event set up as a display and safety volunteer for the 60th Annual Science and Engineering Fair of Houston! Register here. This volunteer event is a requirement to receive a grant for our organization and its projects. February 22nd, 3:30-7:30pm, George R. Brown Convention Center, Exhibit Hall E.

Second General Meeting - The officer team will go over officer positions, responsibilities, and requirements. If you are interested in running for an officer position for the next school year, be sure to come out! There will also be card/board/video games and free food. February 26th at 7pm, SEC 204

Team Updates!

Drone team has started initial testing! Flight Systems has built a test plane and flew it this week. Avionics began running ground checks and preflight checks for our drone. Vision built multiple test images for our Image Recognition and Classification system, and Payload has ordered all their parts for testing. Check out our first Test Flight video at here. Our meetings are now on Thursdays, 7PM to 9PM, in Science and Research 1 room 528! All AIAA Members are invited (and new members too!). We communicate via our Discord, click if interested! If you have any other questions, message droneteam.uh@gmail.com, or find us on Facebook or Instagram.

Hobby Rocket Team and its members went to the Tripoli launch this past weekend. It was a great learning experience to watch the process and talk to more experienced rocketeers. Its members are staring to pick their rockets, and their project manager Jose is nearly done with his. If you would like to join, please click to be added to the Discord here.

This is a more finalized design of Space City Rocketry's high powered competition rocket.

Space City Rocketry subteams have accomplished quite a bit over the past few months. The rocket team has recently finished their PDR and have gotten a lot of great feedback from it. The team is now gearing up to finish material tests so that an airframe material can be picked. Purchase orders will also be completed soon so that the team can continue testing and start fabricating the rocket! The payload subteam, this year a capstone project, is designing an experiment to test acceleration and deceleration on organic tissues to determine if they play a role in brain trauma.

Member Of The Month

Aldo Casco is a sophomore Electrical Engineering major, working on the avionics subteam for Space City Rocketry. His hard work and dedication to the team were noticed by the project leadership. He said, "I like rocketry and decided to join the rocket team because as humans, we have a unique desire to learn, discover, and explore. Whether it’s to explore new worlds, discover new technologies, or learn new things about oneself, I feel like the closest we can get to the purest forms of these actions is by working together as humans and going into space. It’s hard to put into words, but I love it." Congratulations Aldo, and a huge thank you for all the hard work you do! If you would like to nominate a member of AIAA to become member of the month, please email your nomination and a brief reason why to aiaacoogs.uh@gmail.com.

Shirts are still available for purchase!!

Prices for shirts: $15

Pay with venmo or paypal @AIAA-UH or aiaacoogs.uh@gmail.com

To pay with cash, stop by one of our officer's carrel hours in UC north or pay at our second general meeting!

November, December, & January Events
First General Meeting- Jan 2019 - Alvaro Ibarra from United Airlines spoke to members about the aeronautics industry, what service engineering entails, and how to talk with recruiters.
MAES NASA Tour - Nov 2018 - A few members were invited along with MAES members to get a tour of NASA from one of its MAES coordinators and programmers there.
John Scott Speaker Event - Nov 2018 - Chief Technologist of Power and Propulsion Division at NASA's JSC, John Scott came to joint SWE-AIAA UH event and talked about space travel in the post-space shuttle era.
Clear Lake High School Outreach - Jan 2019 - AIAA-UH Officers and Bernard Li, Drone Team Project Manager, ran a booth explaining STEM in general and at UH to 1400 guests from the Galveston/Houston area.
Tripoli Launch - Feb 9th - Hobby Rocket team members went to a Tripoli Launch to see high powered rocket launches, talk to other, more experienced rocket builders, and to obtain a level one certification by launching their own rocket.
Cat's Back Spring 2019 - Jan - Our officer team went to UH's semi-annual Cat's Back to recruit new members for our organization.
That's all folks! See you next month! - AIAA-UH Officers
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