What brings us together as Sacred Heart Schools? By Imogen, Molly, Rose, Alyssa, Amelia

As a Sacred Heart School Kincoppal Rose Bay follows in the traditions of the Sacred Heart. Following these traditions allow us to stay connected with the Society and staying in touch with our heritage.

The Similarities between all of the Sacred Heart Schools

All of the Sacred Heart Schools share similar traditions to honor the thing all of these schools have in common, the Society of the Sacred Heart.

  • Mater Admirabilis painting
  • Sacred Heart Day
  • School Exchange
  • Feast day celebrations

What does KRB do that no other school does?

Each school shares similar festivities like Sacred Heart Day, but each school has it's own celebrations or different traditions like Leadership Roles.

  • We have different leadership roles
  • We were the first city that had two Sacred Heart Schools until they conjoined with Rose Bay.

What are the mains goals at all Sacred Heart Schools

All Sacred Heart Schools abide by these 5 main schools, however each school has other goals which they also stick to however these goals are the true meanings of how we should act as students of the Sacred Heart Society.

  • A personal and active faith in God: We nurture faith. Students are encouraged to reflect on their life experiences in the light of scriptures to deepen the meaning of their lives.
  • A deep respect for intellectual values: We impart a love of learning. Students understand that learning involves many experiences beyond the classroom and that is a life-long privilege.
  • The building of community as a Christian value: We strive to provide a strong sense of community underpinned by Christian values. We encourage students to live as alert and responsible citizens.
  • A social awareness which impels to action: We help students understand and appreciate differences in race, religion and culture, and we encourage them to act against oppression and injustice.
  • Personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom: We encourage students to be aware of their strengths and limitations and to recognise how they can make a difference.

How this brings us together

• Each sacred heart school has unique features but these similarities brings us closer together.

Mater Admirabilis:

  • Every Sacred Heart school across the world has a mater admirabilis painting
  • This brings us together because we all look up to the same person as our leader
  • Every student attending a Sacred Heart school has been significantly impacted by this woman

Philippine Duchesne:

  • Founded the philosophy of the sacred heart

Madeline Sophie Barat:

  • She founded the society of the sacred heart

Sacred Heart Day:

  • Sacred Heart Day celebrates the feast day of the sacred heart
  • Across the world, a mass is held for the sisters to renew their vows each year on Sacred Heart Day
  • Generally we take a moment on that day to remember the earliest days of the school

School Exchange Programs

  • Gives students an opportunity to experience the life of a foreign school
  • Learns a new way of life
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  • http://sofie.org/
  • http://sofie.org/international-network/about-us/?country=Australia

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