Quick and Dirty 2 Milestones

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Milestones: Five stages of heterosexual relationships.

Birthday Girl

Brooke's virginity goes to her bad-boy friend.

A phone call prompts Brooke to remember her first time with the boy who broke her heart. Can she forgive him when he needs her the most?

The Side Effect

How I became a cunnilinguist

When Lindsay doesn't say yes to Zack's public proposal, it takes an unethical scientist and some sensory confusion to get him over his aversion to oral sex. Will she marry him once she gets him to go down on her?


A dark Nuptial Tragedy (terribly dark. bring a flashlight)

Jack and Vanessa finally marry and have wicked-hot wedding-night sex, but when Vanessa shakes her bottom in a request for anal sex, it sends Jack to a dark place, full of brutal prison rape and a monster step-father. Will Jack satisfy Vanessa's needs? And who is in the heart-shaped tub?


A Pregnant wife is a horny wife

Expectant father, Derek, is torn between his wife's wishes and his mother's demands. And between his horny wife's needs and a good night's sleep. Will he make it to the baby's birthday?

Purple Glitter

What we have here is a failure to communicate.

When Laura finds purple glitter on Danny's penis, she assumes he's cheating. She seeks her revenge, losing her anal virginity to her neighbor, but loses it all in the process. Where the hell did that purple glitter come from?

Bonus: Sharing Her Heart

How I Met Robert Maitland, by Judy Maitland

(prequel to Mrs. Maitland's SAD Valentine)

Robert doesn't fit in at his new school with his Trans Am, Metallica t-shirts, and inability to read. Judy tutors him and they fall in love, but when the teacher accuses them of cheating, will they prove their honesty?

Six different stories with different sex, different themes, and different feelings. Enjoy these milestones with Patient Lee.

Created By
Patient Lee


Created with images by Linda N. - "Purple Baby Blanket detail" • ezhikoff - "Almost red pill" • Mathieu Lebreton - "Las Vegas - Wedding Chapel" • geishaboy500 - "Purple Glitter Days Become Night"

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