Italian migration BY ZARA FORD

The italian migrated to Australia because of the threats in their country and the italians migrated to Australia because Australia is such a safe place and the wildlife in Australia is protected, many italians and other migrants migrate to places where there is no big threat. Australia also has a navy which protects the country from any sort of threats.

The italians arrived in Australia between around 1880 and 1924, more than 4 million migrants went to Australia because it is surrounded by lots of water and Australia is a very safe country from bomb threats. Australia might have to turn some migrants away from the country, because Australia can only hold so much people and there might be too much italian migrants to come into Australia.

The italians brought with them new foods that some Australians did not know of, the Italians also made lots of restaurants of italian food and other new things like different desserts and different meals that the Australians had no idea about. The italians also brought with them good skills like to make things out of wood and lots of people now in Australia are italian migrants.

Italians changed Australia by making a lot of changes to the foods and the culture of Australians, the italians are making changes to our community by selling and building new shops with new things. They have maybe made changes to schools and building with plans and some italians are very smart. We have a lot of smart Italians and Australians to put together our community.

The italians came to australia because they wanted to find more gold for them to sell and make lots of money with it and feed their families because some families are very poor and they need to sell things to survive for their families.

Thank you for listening!

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