The Reagan Era Gabi Jolly

The 1980 election results, Gorbachev and Reagan comic, trickle down theory
The Reagan era began when Ronald reagan defeated jimmy carter in the 1980 election. Facing many issues at the time, reagan is known for his remarkable changes that saved america from economic disaster and communist threats.


Cold War Tensions: Extremely opposed to Communism, Reagan referred to the Soviet Union as the "evil empire." Extreme military spending occurred throughout the era resulting in major debt, but this action led to the decline of the Soviet Union and eventual collapse of the nation.
introduction of sdi: The strategic defense initiative, (known as sdi or star wars) was a new plan of military action that was said to put satellites in space and fire lasers from nuclear weapons. Although this was only a concept, it projected intense plans for future war use in this era of cold war tensions.


Reagan's policy of economics was coined "Reaganomics" and involved the use of the trickle-down strategy. This policy meant tax breaks on America's wealthiest so money could "trickle down" throughout the hierarchies of the economy and get money flowing through the system after the disastrous inflation issue under President nixon.
The trickle-down Strategy sparked intense controversy since some argued the economic policy only benefitted the rich and did not circulate throughout the middle and lower classes. Reagan also spent trillions to help the country, but created a huge debt america is still unable to pay off.


Aids: The aids outbreak was a major scare for americans in the 1980's. Nobody truly knew all the ways aids/hiv would be acquired, and people were even warned not to sit on public toilet seats during this time.
abortion:The roe vs wade case of 1973 decided it was the woman's decision to terminate the pregnancy, creating much controversy throughout the 1980's. Many disagreed on the ruling, resulting in protests and opposition.
just say no campaign: The first Lady nancy reagan led the movement in just saying no to drugs by giving a variety of speeches around America and encouraging kids to stay away from drug abuse. This was widely preached in schools and public areas to the youth of the United States.

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