Christianity Grace Long, Jenna Keiner


  • Christianity was founded in Jerusalem by Jesus around 7 B.C.
  • Judaism was a major influence in the start of Christianity, as the first Christians started off as Jews.
  • Christianity is one of the three Abrahamic religions, along with Judaism and Islam

Major Beliefs

  • Holy book is the Bible (New and Old testament)
  • Place of Worship is a church or sancutary
  • Religious leader includes a Priest, Minister, Archbishop, or the Pope (depending on the branch of the religion)
  • A minister is the leader for Protestant branches of Christianity and is typically ordained a minister. A priest is generally found in Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox churches. A priest is not allowed to get married, however a minister is able to.
  • The pope currently is the Pope Francis. He is the overall leader over the Roman Catholic branch of Christianity.

Sects of Christianity

  • Branches- Protestant; Catholic
  • Sects- Southern Baptist, Mormon Chruch, The Amish Baptist churches, Christadelphians Church of England, Church of Scotland Coptic, Orthodox Church, Eastern Orthodox Church, Exclusive Brethren Methodist Church, Opus Dei Pentecostalism Quakers, Roman Catholic Church, Salvation Army, Seventh-day Adventists, United Reformed Church
  • The Protestant branch believes that because of their faith in God and Jesus Christ, their sins are all absolved. Catholics believe that faith in God is extremely important, but it is not enough for our sins to be completely absolved.


  • Christmas- The celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ
  • Good Friday- The day Jesus was crucified on the Cross
  • Easter Sunday- The day Christians believe Jesus rose from the grave
  • Lent- A time of the year where Christians give up something important to them for 40 days.



Catholic Mass

Mass in Africa

Grace Long, Jenna Keiner

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