The Harn Story by Aubrey SHaw


This piece titled "Jawartu, line 22" by Yelimane Fall stood out to me as soon as i walked into the exhibit. Seeing this piece in person made me appreciate it much more than i ever could by viewing it online or in a photograph. the colors were so bold and there was so much texture to the paint. It is painted on a piece of canvas that resembles some kind of burlap material which makes the piece more unique. I was very surprised to learn that this piece is actually line 22 of a popular poem that protects those who read it fro religious exile. The dark colors and smooths shapes were very comforting which ties into the theme of salvation that the section of the poem conveys.


The "highlights from the photography collection" exhibit and its design really stood out to me and i discovered it on accident. i was walking by when i saw the photo of the woman (pictured) perfectly framed by this overhang structure. its not a necessary structure so it is clear it contributes to the enjoyment of the museum. The entrance to this exhibit almost invited me in because of it's perfect placement and really just drew me in. This could be a possible comment or play on the fact that the overhang guards the passage to the photography exhibit? The design of the museum definitely adds to the spaces and the content it protects.

Core values

This piece titled "Hen" (1947) by William Zorach spoke to me while looking for a piece that exhibited a core value of mine. This granite sculpture is very simple, which is a core value of mine that i hope to improve. Too many time, I have complicated things but by simplifying things and taking certain things at face value rather than looking too far into them, happiness can be found. This pieces relaxes me because of its simplicity and lack of thought to process its being. This piece helps me understand the fact that something can be simple and lack complexities and still be great; a concept that I and many can apply to many situations to their lives.

Art and the Good life

I believe "St. Jean's Bay" (1926) by Leon Kroll is a perfect representation of the good life and what one may believe said good life to be. This oil piece on canvas shows a group of people sitting by a bay either relaxing or preforming other leisurely activities. From what we are given, these people are not experiencing any distress or complications to find the good life, but they're simply living. The theme of the good life that this exhibits is simplicity and absence of complications which makes me appreciate the piece and its essence of relation even more.

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