Top 10 Portfolio Project Carlos lugo

1.) Children's learning tool: This was my favorite activity because our group discovered the importance of collaboration in a creativity project and we applied everything we learned in class. Of course there were set backs but that is part of the creative process and because of these set backs we were able to improve our product.

2.) Write a poem or story about an everyday object: I had fun writing this short story, I have always been able to use empathy to imagine what objects might be feeling. This activity gave me the opportunity to express my ideas in a creative way.

3.) Dance vs. powerpoint, a modest proposal: This video provided a meaningful lesson because powerpoint has been a presentation tool used for such a long time that we have forgotten or rather ignored the fact that there are other forms of spreading information. Using our creativity to inform others can be much more effective because people tend to remember things that stand out.

4.) IDEO Shopping Cart: This video provided insightful information about the creative process which was very helpful for the rest of the semester from the Children's learning tool activity to the 30 day project. It was the perfect example of how to use the creative thinking tools and how they can be applied to a real business.

5.) Editing a picture using photoshop: Because of the 30 project I found a very useful way of expressing my creativity. I learned how to use photoshop to edit a picture which is very useful when advertising your business and product.

6.) Forming patterns: I have never been good at drawing but tracing things is easy and tracing the sticky note to form a pattern was really interesting because I was able to do something that is somewhat "artistic."

7.) Drawings about your childhood: Now this work of art doesn't look bad because I can't draw, I was drawing like I would have when I was little. But I can definitely draw...

Riding a go kart without an engine or breaks down a hill. Forming patterns on a rubik's cube. Making stuff with LEGOs.

8.) Recognizing patterns: This activity made me realize that most of the patterns that we see everyday are inspired by nature.

9.) Sid Martin Biotechnology Institute speaker: This speaker provided us with great information about start up business and how most of them start by trying to solve a problem with a simple idea. Mark Long said that most ideas start small and with the help of the business incubator they have access to the resources that they need to market their ideas.

10.) Straw tower: Building the straw tower was a great activity because we had to adjust for those who had a "disability" and we also used our creativity to make a structure although the one my group mad quickly collapsed. We learned a lot about empathy and team work.

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