Alyssa's Cellular Resperation and Photosynthesis Project

Photosynthesis is the cycle where plants make their own food. Plants use light energy from the sun to create their food from water and carbon dioxide. The plants leaves taken in the carbon dioxide and the sunlight. Chlorophyll is a green substance in the leaves that gives them a green pigment and the ability to use the sunlight and carbon dioxide. And the plants roots taken the water. Within this process the plants produce oxygen that helps humans and animals live.

The chemIcal equation for photosythesIs: 6CO2 + 6h2o -> C6h12o6 + 6o2

Photosynthesis Diagram

Cellular Respiration- You may know that when we all breathe we take in oxygen through our lungs, but also as we exhale we realease carbon dioxide. Plants also do that too, they use food and oxygen to make energy. The plants use oxygen to break down their glucose in order to make ATP. Energy is also referred to ATP. But a lot of different parts of a plant make that happen. Those are called cells. The formula they use is

C6H12O6 + O2 + ATP + C20 + H2O

As I said the part in the plant that helps Cellular Resperation happen is the cells of the plant. One main part in a cell helps that process, that part is the mitochondria.

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