Welcome To my little collection

Thats me, above. Now you don’t have to wonder what I look like.

What I mostly want to know;

My name is Kieran Adedoyin

Art & Design BTEC at Hillsborough College.

Graphic Design Graduate of Sheffield Hallam University.

A: Apt 903, North Bank, Riverside, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S3 8JA

E: kieranadedoyin@gmail.com

T: 07482 352323

What I’d rather you knew;

I love typography and branding design, there something beautiful about the simplicity of some typographical logos that say what they need to say an nothing more.

I really enjoy working digitally but I’m not shy to picking up a pencil and some markers to help me get an idea out.

If there’s something I’m not familiar with, be it a program or a technique, I’m eager to learn new things. You never know whether they will come in handy later on, well I hope you enjoy your stay on my page.

True Gents. Branding for a client in the barbering industry.

The client had wanted something simple, legible but with a retro looking flair to it. I played around with turning “e” and “G” into handles for the scissors. The client really wanted an old school barbers poll in the design somewhere and so I did my best to appease with request with out making the design feel forced.

Paying with privacy. Typographical animation.

Stemming from Jeremy Benthams idea of a universal tattoo and the controversial debates it raises about surveillance, this kinetic typography video expresses how we give away our personal information as though its common currency. and unwittingly make ourselves easier targets to be tracked.

See full video below...

Schumacher To The Left. Infographic.

This is a two-part infographic visualising the data from the race history of the legend that is Michael Schumacher. From it you can see where Schumacher has raced throughout the world as well as highlight statistics from his career as an F1 driver.

Elements Bodywork. Branding for a holistic therapy company.

The client had asked for something sleek and simple, I really think I’ve achieved that here. I took a holistic approach to the logo itself, using Fibonacci ratio’d circles to create shape of a lilly(a flower commonly associated with holistic medicines). Much like the interconnected ideas behind holistic medicines and therapies, all the paths in the shape connect and this leaves no starting point nor finish.

I have also started dabbling in photography which is becoming one of my favourite hobbies.

Are We Being Monitored. Typographical animation.

This piece of kinectic typography was made to shed light on both how much the government monitors us and how much we monitor each other.

See full video below...

Team Xenon. Branding/Wordmark for an E-Sports team.

They asked me to recreate a similar effect to the Blitz R34 design. The typeface itself is a version of the “Old English Script”. I did however create a custom a “X” as I wasn’t overly fond of the traditional one as it lacks that certain je ne sais quoi. I started by hand drawing the typeface and playing around with different styles of “X”s in front of the “enon”. Then I put it through Ai and started manipulating the shapes until I had something I wanted to show them.

The Mafias Business cards. They don’t need that kind of PR but why not eh.
I picked two mafia roles and quickly sketched a couple ideas for their logo foundations that I could tweak in Ai.
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Kieran Adedoyin

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