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Lost Angelas - 1h 28min - Mystery, Thriller, Neo-Noir

SYNOPSIS: William Wayne’s LOST ANGELAS, a micro budget psychological Neo-Noir thriller feature film, tells the story of the disappearance of famous actress Angela Rose and the mysterious connection to a starlet who also vanished thirty years ago. William Wayne’s "Lost Angelas" is a micro budget Neo-noir that delves deep into the underbelly of contemporary Hollywood to tell the story of troubled screenwriter Jake Hart (William Wayne) who must relive his encounters with Walt Warshaw ( Jon Jacobs), a nefarious movie director, to discover the fate of his missing fiance and muse, actress Angela Rose (Korrina Rico).

AWARDS: LOST ANGELAS has won 23 festival awards since premiering at The Method Fest Film Festival last year in Beverly Hills and also recently won Film Threat’s 2020 Award This! “Best Director” and "Best Indie Made for Under 100k”. Lost Angelas had its World Premiere to a sold out screening at The Method Fest Film Festival in Beverly Hills, CA, March 26, 2019 at which Lost Angelas actor Jon Jacobs won the Outstanding Performance Award- a category in which he competed against Ethan Hawke, Edward James Olmos and Martin Sheen. In addition, director William Wayne also received a nomination for "Maverick Filmmaker" in his directorial feature film debut.

CAST: In addition to award-winning actor Jon Jacobs' terrifying portrayal of Walt Warshaw, the film also features pitch perfect performances from a lineup of iconic supporting actors including David Proval (Mean Streets, The Sopranos) , Charlotte Lewis (Roman Polanski’s Pirates, The Golden Child), John Aprea (The Godfather 2, Bullitt) John Capodice (Speed, Wall Street) and French actress Melissa Mars (From Paris with Love).

REVIEWS: Lost Angelas’ Sold Out screening at the Method Fest earned rave reviews. Film Threat described the film as “Pulse Pounding… Jaw Dropping… Spellbinding… Jon Jacobs is terrifying as the tyrannical, murderous filmmaker” awarding it 9/10 Stars. UK Film Review stated “The Seedy and drug-fueled world of Hollywood’s male dominated film industry is masterfully probed in William Wayne’s Lost Angelas” awarding it 4/5 Stars.

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David Proval in Lost Angelas
Jon Jacobs in Lost Angelas
Jon Capodice in Lost Angelas
Korrina Rico in Lost Angelas
Charlotte Lewis in Lost Angelas
William Wayne in Lost Angelas