Like you, I am extremely passionate about empowering women and helping them get over their body image issues.

Did you know that 91% of women hate the way they look? Did you also know that 83% of 10 year olds fear being fat more than cancer, the threat of nuclear war, and, get this, the death of their parents?? I firmly believe these statistics are showing us a flaw in society, rather than ourselves. The problem is, unless you have a full fledged eating disorder, it's harder to find support and treatment to deal with body image issues, so I created Body Image Bootcamp to close that gap...making sure, more women and girls DON'T get to a point where an eating disorder consumes their life. After all, we have so much power that I think we can shift our power to doing amazing things...but when it's consumed with the bullshit of our aesthetics, we can't. So, let's work on fixing it.


My name is Teri Hofford and I am the owner of Teri Hofford Photography, Body Image Bootcamp and iammorethanjustabody.com. I created my empowerment empire once I realized that some women require more than just a photoshoot to help them come to terms with their body image issues and after working with hundreds and hundreds of women, I realized one thing: REGARDLESS OF THEIR SIZE WOMEN HATED THEIR BODIES. So, that got me thinking....the fact that a size 2 and a size 24 both hate their bodies tells me that it probably has NOTHING to do with the body and more to do with themselves. Hence, my foray into body image education began.

My disclaimer is that I am not a certified therapist, but the countless hours I have spent working with women one on one and in groups, tells me that I have a certain somethin' somethin' that allows women to a)open up and b) listen to me. I have been dubbed Tough Love Teri and it probably came from my own body image journey. [You can read more about that HERE]

After getting my hands on textbooks, psychology books, and pretty much racking up my Amazon Prime bill, I have a greater understanding why we feel the way we do about our bodies and I want to help women start to critically think about the messages we get bombarded with...not just from society, but also from ourselves.

At the end of the day, my intent is to help women shift their focus from changing their bodies, so they can start changing the world and hopefully change the way the future generations of girls and women interact with themselves. I truly believe women are incredibly powerful, but we have to get out of our own way first.


Well, my love, the fact is that you are also interested in empowering women or else our paths probably wouldn't have crossed and you wouldn't be reading this. My core mission as a body image activist is to empower as many women as possible, but I am just ONE person so I can only do so much, so I am reaching out to YOU to help me fulfill this message and become part of something so amazing!

I assume you have your own mission and it may involve helping women find themselves, overcome self esteem or body image issues, and as a business, it's important that your WHY resonates with your clients. By providing your friends or clients the opportunity to attend a Body Image Bootcamp, you will be creating a community of self love-body love-warriors!

Body Image Bootcamp

Body Image Boot Camp is designed just like a fitness boot camp...with the intent on getting the mind and body aligned as one to motivate women to keep working towards achieving a healthy relationship with themselves regardless of the stage they are at. This bootcamp will set your clients up with a solid foundation of positivity and an epic tool kit of beautiful things to help them on their journey to self love.

By doing this course as a group, your babes will be surrounded by other women who are there to help each other. I will come in as a facilitator and you as the host, but also participants in our own right. By listening to the stories and experiences of other women, it is extremely emotional, but therapeutic at the same time, showing everyone just how powerful it can be when women get together to move past the bullshit and help others.

COURSE OPTIONS: I have made the course extremely flexible with different options depending on your needs and budget. My recommendation for most hosts, is to charge your clients "tickets" to come to an event to help cover your costs.



(up to 15 people. Over 15, add $55/pp)

The full day workshop is ideal because it allows us to really get into and talk through body image issues, providing the attendees a safe space to talk about things they may have never shared with people before.


Full day workshop (10am-4pm)

SWAG bags which include art journals and art supplies for the attendees to use during the workshop AND take home for further body image journalling!

A Bubble Graduation Party!



(For up to 15 people. Add $35/pp over 15)

The half day workshop is essentially a more condensed version of the full day workshop and allows your babes to do some discovery & exploration into their body image issues. It is definitely a great starting place for babes wanting to learn a bit more about themselves. The half day workshop is facilitated by myself and guaranteed to have them leaving thinking different thoughts about themselves!


A half day workshop (3 hours - you choose the time)

Activities designed to help women see themselves in a different light

Empowerment keychains for the attendees to take home to remember how amazing they are!

[Can also be done via ZOOM for $500]

course outline

{The half day workshop will be a condensed version of the following}

Introduction to Body Image //Meet & Greet // First series of prompts & vision boarding

Self portraits // Body Image & the Media discussion

Negativity and it's affect on the brain // Coping with a low self-esteem //

Being more than just a body

Writing letters to other women & girls // Smashing beauty standards // Graduation party

Need something specific? Want me to organize a full retreat? We can create something that is perfect for you!

Hope to See you soon, babe!

Interested in booking me as a speaker? Shoot me an email to: bodyimagebootcamp@gmail.com

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