Good Life Tour of the FLMNH By: steve spence

Nature on Display

This exhibit i particularly liked and it completely dominates the entire entry room. As soon as you walk in to the museum this giant Mammoth instantly captivates anyone who walks by. Placing this giant skeleton on a pedastool surrounded by cool lighting intensifies its visual effect. This exhibit taught me that at one time, both mastodons and mammoths lived in Florida. I really enjoyed the museum because it put me in a nature setting within a big city like Gainesville.

Nature and Ethics

Butterfly Garden

The FLNHM definitely let me experience nature in a way like Leopold describes. The butterfly garden in particular allowed me to "love, respect, and admire" the land and all of its animals. Growing up in rural north Florida, in nature all the time, I already have the ethical responsibility to respect and enjoy nature. However, all of the people that see the different great exhibits at the FLNHM definitely leave with Leopold's ideals in mind. Most people really enjoyed and reacted well to the exhibits.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The FLNHM definitely allows us to step out of our daily world into a great nature environment, way different than anything found around Gainesville. This "Hammock Forests" exhibit in particular let me step out of my daily life and into one of my favorite natural places ever. Surprisingly enough the whole exhibit was modelled after Florida Caverns State Park which happens to be in Marianna, Florida, which is where I am from. This definitely let me know who I was by reminding me of my background and made me better appreciate the nature in my hometown. I think everyone can relate to something in the museum that they have experienced in person and that just makes everyone better appreciate the natural world even more.

Extra: picture of a blue monarch butterfly I took

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