WITNESS THE Funk "WTF" iHIT kUPHELA Music Video Treatment

Fresh off hits Like Nomusa, "ilife" with Okamalumkoolkat & Jr, "Moja" with Gigi Lamyne and Oh No with L tido, The Durban Gqom Trap Trio comes out with a fresh Hit Titled "ihit Kuphela" of which lives up to its name as it is indeed a hit and already has the streets buzzing and hungry for visuals.


Abit about The Group and the Song

The song carries high energy and swag throughout out all verses and hooks then keeps escalating as each member drops bars with style and trap influences. The video promises to embody the personalities carried by each member and fuse them in a comedic and cinematic manner. The group has worked hard and through that gained a large following and the base of that following comes from the South African Townships as their Hip hop sound has a Qhom influence which is synonamis to South African house music.


Visual Journey

The Music Video will be a story whereby The Boys go into The Township Making Noise with their song and getting people to Jump into their party Bus. Some people will also jump in on their own consent. The journey will then led to final scene where the boys arrive at the beach and are partying with everyone. Sounds simple but keep reading and you find the sauce.

Opening Scene Choir Singing The Hook *NO MUSIC

No music and church service is on and the Choir is singing the hook in a melodic manor "Ngeke ungibone ngenza umbhedo...".

Gemini major leading the choir with a piano stops the singing. Moment of of silence then HUAWEI Cellphone rings and Gemini picks it up to answer call from Efelow.

Dialogue: Efelow - " Yo Gem it time my man ashambeni siyoburuka!! Gemini - "Alright no problem but listen to this shit first think I got something for you..."

Cut Away Huawei phone as Gemini picks up Video call from Efelow: Shot Duration 10 Sec

Camera Then Tracks out of the Church as the song starts with the Piano keys playing to reveal Member "Efelow" pulls up on the Streets of Kwamashu South Africa standing on top of Bus playing a piano and resides the first hook of the song".

Efelow Performance Shots on top of Bus

Behind the Bus group member Charlie"Aux Cable is passenger to Group DJ Party avenue as they have a group of girls Sitting in the car with drinking, Smoking and Laughing.

Charlie Performance Scene
Red Gusheshe / Girls / Alcohol

The video is set in the hood township of Kwamashu in Durban South African. When The Bus Pulls up and makes noise it first causes a stir, as we will establish the haters in the area who are upset by these boys. We will use Slow motion pans on the diffrent faces and theier settings

The Haters
  • Above is reference image to the shots we will use to establish the haters and people in the neighbourhood who are confused and against the actions of these boys.
Party Bus Montage
The Above images are ref to the montage sequence whereby varies people will drop there daily duties and routines to jump into the bus when they see it.
Party Bus & Efelow Verse Performance
Party Bus References
Final Performance shots of the hook
Performance of the Hook in a dark location whereby we can mount led screens in the back ground and have the groups Name Projected on while the group from the bus huddles around.

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