Meet the band VINTAGE FLIGHT

“I saw this band last night at the boathouse and I’m going to *try* to restrain myself here: this band kicked ass. I mean, take-your-breath-away good. And they play vintage rock and blues and the singer… her voice literally gave me chills…”

Avalon Bridger


When you give everything you have on stage you can connect to the audience, the audience connects to each other, and it’s not like anything else in the world.


“Vintage Flight bundles the energy only the young and talented can produce and detonates it breathing new life into this traditional genre.”

Braydon kains

Bass & Vocals

The best bass player who is not actually a bass player we've ever met (his primary instrument is guitar)... but thank goodness because we love us a good bass solo
“It makes me happy knowing that these kids are the future of music. Well Done! Keep doing what ya do guys. Big love.”

Jake shepherd


Doesn't every song need an epic guitar solo?
"Vintage Flight opened for us at an outdoor concert series on the beach in Grand Bend. The audience was visibly very impressed and the band killed it. Avalon is a truly dynamic singer and their youthful energy is infectious"

Tyler shea


If you watch really close you can see those sticks spin so fast you think he might just achieve flight
Vintage Flight has a gift that needs to be shared. They have played here many times and always impress the audience with their musical talent, energy and stage presence. Their covers are tight and their originals get a lot of attention and are some of the crowd favourites. Vintage Flight and its members have quickly earned the respect of the musicians and patrons in this community.