Yamileth Hurricanes

Characteristics of hurricanes

Its a huge strom,strong winds with speeds of 75-200 mph.

hurricanes move 10-20 miles per hour over the open ocean.

Causes of the hurricanes:

Hurricanes form over really warm ocean water.

Wind forces air upward from ocean surface.

Hurricanes season is from June to November.

Hurricanes have thunder and lightning sometimes.

Storm Surges causes flooding along the coast.

They also cause losing lives and also losing homes.

Hurricanes Safety Tips

Have a place to evacuate.

Have flashlights, batteries, water, cash and food.

Have a First Aid Kit.

A radio with batteries to listen to the weather news.

The Worst Hurricane In U.S History?

The worst hurricane in US history is the hurricane Katrina.

Katrina made it's first landfall near Buras and Louisiana.

Hurricane Katrina killed 1,577 lives in Louisiana.

The Worst Typhoon Ever in the world is HAIYAN

Haiyan is one of the most powerful tropical storms ever seen in the world.

The typhoon haiyan began on Nov 2.

The typhoon hayian wind speeds reached a record 195 miles per hour.

The typhoon HAIYAN killed 99 people in japan.

Saffir-Simpson Scale of the hurricanes


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