It Gives Me... Ben Popovici


I enjoy going to a new place and relaxing. I get to explore and see new things. And most of all, I do not have to worry about life.
I enjoy weekends because I get to go to band practice and church. One time a week is when I get to play my trombone with a group and have fun doing so. I also get to go to church on Sunday and be in fellowship with my friends and family.
I enjoy violin because I can be creative and serve God. It lets me be creative if a different way, by expressing myself through pitches and rhythems. I also like adrenalin rushes and that's what I get when I play a solo with this instrument.


I hope that I can spend eternity with God in heaven instead of hell. Heaven is a place never imaged and has everything you need. All problems in heaven will be solved. There will also be no hurting for eterniny.
I hope that I could become more musical so that I can maybe conduct and create songs. Putting my rhythems on paper would be really cool if I understood how.
I hope that there could be better technology. It'll takes less time and effort to do things with better machinary; more free time and a better life with the benefit of technology.


I am proud to call myself a Christian. Not many people have faith in God but I do; I am not afraid to follow God.
I am proud of my hair color. Very few people have this orange hair. I feel special and unique with this very diverse color on top of my head.
I am proud to be snowboarding. People are usually too scared to try but not me. After falling a milloin times, I feel free and wild.


Blood has worried me for a while. It disgusts me seeing liquid come out of people when they least expect it.
Being blind has scared me for so long, and this imagery happens at night. You are practically blind and nothing can be seen. Anything could be lurking around the conrer and you wouldn't even see it.
School worries me. I am afraid that if I fail school I might not get a job which leads to debt and further more.
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Benjamin Popovici


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