Robert Smalls By Allyson Acocella Robert Smalls

Intro: Hi,I am going to tell you all about Robert Smalls so let's get to it.

This is where Robert Smalls live and where he was born he was born on April 5th 1839
This is Robert Smalls House in Beaufort SC.
This is Robert Smalls grave he died in 1915 it was a sad time for his family and everyone becuase he was a hero in SC.
Robert Smalls is best known for stealing the ship called the Planter he gave freedom to slaves and his family.
Robert Smalls parents are Robert and Lydia Polite.
Robert Smalls worked for a pilot and a politicain.
These are some character traits about Robert Smalls,has a beard,not trying to be rude but kind of chunky,wear's a lot of suit's,wear's glasses.
He studied politic's
This school was named after Robert Smalls. Emotions:wow that's pretty cool.
This is Robert Smalls family.

So that was all my information about Robert Smalls for today. I hope you enjoyed all about Robert Smalls. And so you should get a piece of paper and write a essay on Robert Smalls and reading this and then writing the essay.

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