Rock Of Ages hit me with your best shot!

Stacee Jaxx is the devil

In the hit musical, ‘Rock of Ages’ there is one dance that made the audience want to rock out. Choreographer Miah Michaels has done a fantastic job at bringing all the movement and non-movement components together to bring an entertaining yet a little bit saucy, piece of art.

The space in the dance ‘Hit Me with Your Best Shot’ started at the back of the church hall with the lead, Patricia Whitmore in the middle. They moved their way down the centre isle then split into different rows. There are two other dancers that back up Patricia Whitmore for most of the dance. At the end of the dance Patricia Whitmore stands in the doorway and has her final solo, she does a hard kick and slams the door behind her ending the scene. Patricia is the lead because she is the mayor’s wife and is actively trying to rid the town of rock ‘n’ roll.

They walk down centre isles to represent them aggressively attacking Stacee Jaxx and the rock ‘n’ roll community. When Patricia has her solo at the end it represents her secret desire and past life that she is trying to keep secret from the community. The different formation made a well-choreographed dance and very effectively entertained viewers.

The costumes in the dance are very effective and adds to the whole feel of the dance. All the girls in the dance are wearing old fashion, 1980’s dresses or pant suits. Most of the girls are wearing high heel shoes and some of them are wearing ties. All the costumes are a pastel colour. These costumes definitely meet the standards and the theme of the 1980’s church wives. All the costumes are cohesive and really engage the audience in the dance. The choreographer elected the perfect costumes to effectively represent and engage the audience.

hit me with your best shot

The dance is set in a church in the 1980’s. The girls are dancing around the church pews and aggressively focusing their anger at a poster on the front wall of Stacee Jaxx. There is a back room in the church, the room is dark and there is lots of crosses and religious references. The whole set effectively represents the idea and the director made the set look and feel like a real church in the 1980’s. The director set the dance in a church to make it more ironic that there is an affair going on in the back room. Overall the choreographer and the director set the scene and gave the scene more authenticity.

Overall this ironic and energetic dance makes the audience laugh and have fun watching it. The dance is both serious and a little naughty. The director and the choreographer made an eccentric scene and the complete product with the movement and non-movement components cohesively work together to produce a bizarre, strange but wonderful piece.

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