Get $20 bucks off your order with me

What? You didn't order? Oh I get it, you want to know why of all things am so excited about luggage. Well, if you are anything like me and you have half a dozen handbags that you can't part with, the Weekender and the Everywhere duffle, you will never leave home without. The carry on, loves everything you carry in it. It's made for overnights and across the world travel.

I mean, if you are anything like me,

I am a Girl on the Go and I love functionality, minimalistic, Chic design and an affordable and sustainable collection of suitcases to go with it. So I picked Away. Why?

He hem well because it's made by women duh and one of them is filipino (I totally resonate with that). That's not all. When I'm traveling I had having to carry a bunch of bags, tugging around a very heavy suitcase on wheels sweating my armpits off just to get to my gate.

Getting on and off ships, planes, in and out of ubers and lyft, I just needed something that would fit my lifestyle.

These two ladies really knew what my life was like when they marketed these suitcases several years ago. That's why I partnered up with them, so I can give you a discount just for trying them out. Yep!

The coolest thing about Away, other than the fact that they are affordable, a don't mess with me kind of suitcase, you can return your luggage anytime for a fresh one. What good is a dingy suitcase, with broken wheels, skid marks and a handle that you have to fight with to retract?

Hold on, there are way more features that that.

You can match them with your wardrobe

Charge your phone while you are waiting

Have a completely organized suitcase and know exactly where all your things are.

You'll just have to try them out. Trust me you will be raving about them too.

Get $20 off. Last Chance


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