From Good to Great to Built to Last Good to great: chapter 9

Relating the Studies

To avoid bias, Collins decided not to base Good to Great on Built to Last.

Post-research, Collins saw connections between the results of the two studies

Built to Last

1. Clock Building, Not Time Telling

2. Genius of AND

3. Core Ideology

4. Preserve the core/Stimulate progress

  • Set and achieve BHAGs consistent with core ideology


Preserve the core:

  • Bring happiness to millions
  • Passion for creative imagination

Change (Stimulate progress):

  • 1930s: Full-length feature animation
  • 1960s: Theme parks
  • 1990s: Cruise Line


Built to Last leaders seemed to follow the good-to-great framework

Good to Great findings act as a "prequel" to Built to Last findings

To move from a great to enduring company, apply central Built to Last concept

Good to Great answers questions left from Built to Last like "What is a good BHAG?" - The Hedgehog Concept


"Like most overnight successes, it was about twenty years in the making." - Sam Walton

Followed model as an entrepreneur building a company instead of as a CEO transforming a company


Becoming the best commercial aviation company in the world

Enduring greatness: Staying within the 3 circles while changing the specific manifestation of what's inside at any moment

Why Greatness?

No harder to build something great than something good

If you're engaged in work you love, the question isn't why, but how

Good to Great outlines how

Thank You


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