Johnny Ram Narayanan

Traverse Board

This is a traverse board. It is made of wood and rope and was used to measure how far they had gone. Sailors would use it by putting the pegs in the holes. It had all the directions, and by putting a peg is hole, it meant that the ship had been sailing in that direction for 1/2 an hour. Once all 8 pegs had been filled up (4 hours had passed) they switched shifts and removed the pegs. It was introduced by the English when they were traveling across the sea.


This cannon was in the Jamestown settlement. The cannon was used as another defense, besides the fort. It was most likely used as a last resort if the colony was attacked.

The George Wythe House

I heard Mr. Peyton Randolph talking about the Wythe House when I was serving him tea today. After all, all those rich snobby gentries depend on us to do all their work. He was talking about the kitchen and describing it in rich detail. I would want to be there. Though Mr. Wythe wouldn't use my skills for cooking, don't get me wrong. The cook would probably use me as a manservant. "Get the parsnip! Get the barrel!" My favorite item in the house was the knife because it is so useful (like me!). You can use it for chopping vegetables, grating them, or a weapon! I would definitely want to be in that kitchen. I hope Mr. Randolph takes me there soon.

Mr. Peyton Randolph came with me to the tin smith shop today. I saw many beautiful and illustrious cups and lanterns. It smelled metallic, as we had come while he was working with the metal. When Mr. Randolph and the smith were not looking, I put my hand on one of the lanterns. I felt the patterns of the grooves and bumps of the tin. I tapped it with my nail quietly, and heard the ting. Mr. Peyton asked for 40 lanterns for the rebel soldiers. The man said they would be ready in 2 weeks. It is amazing to live in Williamsburg!

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