Hit me with your best shot! choreography by mia michaels this was a sharp moment in the film "Rock Of Ages". 4 components will be studied, two movement and two non - movement sections. Overall this piece was meaningful with great skills all round. Entertaining aswell as suspensful are afew words to describe this moment.

The non movement components that will be studied include set & lighting. The setting was based in a modern day cathedral which consists of rows of seating, a middle hallway & a front stage. Theres a large square frame photo of the main rockst star "stacee jaxx" at the end of the hallway as the girl cast dance towards him. Many details throughout the church including candles, calm colours and a piano. This whole set is representing a respectful well furnished area is the ladies are all proper proud women. The set overall was fantasic. The second non movement component is lighting, the lighting during the routine was dull light lighting with abit of yellow / orange flashing, very dark though. Lighting wasn't anything great it was just a usual house colouring. The reasoning for this is because their trying to keep this moment as realistic as possible. Overall this lighting was simple, mature and suitable. The purpose was met in both non - movement components.

The setting was well represented and was clearly seen as what was meant to be potrayed as. Lighting was respectful and mature as was stated before "all lighting realistic" as in real life its not typical to enter a "disco church".

The movement components that will be studied include energy & spacing. The energy throughout this routine ridiculously good in a mature matter. The energy started suspenseful & then quickly turned high pase and strong, the reasoning for this is to envolve / captivate the audience. Spacing in this routine had alot to offer, they used the churches hallways, seatings & front stage. They started in a clump at the back they came through / down the hallway and did a dance break in the hallway. They then made their way in the seats whilst main dancer stayed center. Then they came foward into a dance break, afterwards slowly made theor exit and finished neat and sharp. The purpose was met in both movement components. The energy showed a hateful & sharp spirit as this was about their courage and anger towards the "devils" aka stacee jaxx and his crew. Aswell as spacing, they showed smart & easy positioning. Altough some movement was quite risqué for a church, it was excellent and well thought out spacing wise.

Catherine Zeta Jones and the girl cast killed this routine. Very expensive like movement whilst also sexy and scandeless. The components that were studied all had deep details throughout. Mia Michaels choreography is incredible and was well fitted in this church based - chaos as their was lots & lots going on. Outstanding to say the least this will not be a forgotten moment.

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