Using the Context SD ONE+ Scanner School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture

Warning: Before moving forward ensure that your drawing is in a document sleeve. For instructions on making a document sleeve, please come to Dudley Hall Room 215.

Step One: Insert the Sleeved drawing into the scanner. Once the scanner grabs the sleeve, it is safe to let go.

Load the paper, face up. Hold with both hands and align the document’s center with the scanner center marking.

Step Two: On the computer station, open the NextImage Application on the desktop

Step Three: Choose ARCH on Paper Series and Off for the other two options.

Step Four: Once NextLimit is open, choose your output options (see below).

Typical Setup for a Scan:

Input Size: Auto

Resolution: 300 for reprint (600 for archival)

Image Type: Color (24bit)

Destination: <Browse> to Desktop or Class Folder

File Type: JPG or TIFF for image, PDF for reprint or sharing.

Step Five: Once the scan is complete, press the back arrow to release the sleeve.

If you have any questions or are unsure of the process please come by Dudley Hall, Room 215 (APLA-IT).