World Marrow donor day 2020 - virtual edition


World Marrow Donor Day is a unique day to thank all donors who have signed up to donate blood stem cells, bone marrow or cord blood for patients in need of a transplant. World Marrow Donor Day is celebrated globally on the third Saturday of September, in 2020 on 19th September.

A special edition this year, because the COVID-19 pandemic is hindering us from organising big events. Fortunately, our community is extremely creative in organising the 2020 edition of World Marrow Donor Day virtually. To give you an idea, please read this impact report!

“The World Marrow Donor Association was established to ensure that donations of stem cells by altruistic volunteers could find their way to the patients who needed them, independent of geography and politics. World Marrow Donor Day is the embodiment of the value, respect and indeed love we in the transplantation community offer to our donors. It is only one day but it reflects what we think year-round in a concentrated way.” – Jeff Szer, President of the WMDA.

In the UK, Anthony Nolan made a special post to thank their donors.

A GIF and a map was created depicting all the donations that were performed in 2019 by their donors. They went on to donate to patients in 28 countries around the world, highlighting the truly global aspect of blood stem cell donation.

global 'Thank You donor' video

To celebrate this virtual World Marrow Donor Day edition a special 'Thank You Donor' video was launched. Participants from all corners of the world sent in their contribution for this compilation video to send a massive thank you to all blood stem cell donors. You can watch this global effort below.

In Thailand an event to thank and recruit donor was organised at the National registry, the national blood bank, the Red Cross and 4 regional blood centres to celebrate World Marrow Donor Day. Over 1500 donors signed up to become a donor! You can watch a special video of this event below.

Translated logo's

This year we translated the World Marrow Donor Day and Thank You Donor logo's into over 30 languages. The logo's were available for download from our website and many organisations used them! See below a selection:

The Japanese registry made an impressive educational video featuring a Nobel prize winner, a football player and an actress. The video was shared on Twitter over 500 times and has more than 5,000 views on Youtube. Watch the video below.

activity all over the world

In addition to over 125 events reported on our event map in all parts of the world, we saw many online campaigns and video content for this virtual edition.

Below you can see more virtual campaigns that were shared online to celebrate World Marrow Donor Day 2020!

In Brazil special World Marrow Donor Day / REDOME face masks were produced and worn by influencers in an online campaign.

virtual GLOBAL donor drive

With the slogan: Register online, save a life, we encouraged organisations to recruit donors online during World Marrow Donor Day. Therefore, a virtual global donor drive was initiated for this year's celebration. A special landing page was set up on the World Marrow Donor Day website featuring donor and patient stories, a donor tool which leads you to the registry information in your country, and more information on how, why and who could become a donor.

The landing page and the donor tool were visited over 1500 times on World Marrow Donor Day, and many organisations featured the graphic and the URL on their website/social media.

The Canadian Blood Services held a wonderful campaign online slowly filling this grid with faces of people that registered to become a donor during the day.

tell your story

World Marrow Donor Day provides a platform for donors and patients to tell their story. On our social media platforms we shared 6 stories, 1 from each continent, to promote the virtual donor drive.

Many other donors and patients took to the internet as well to share their stories and spread awareness on World Marrow Donor Day 2020. See some wonderful examples here:

In China the CMDP organised a special event to mark the 10,000th donation from their donors. The 10,000th donor who donated was invited to hold a special speech at this event.

Impact in numbers

We saw two upcoming social media platforms this World Marrow Donor Day; LinkedIn where our hashtags were used over 150 times, and TikTok where we discovered several people and organisations posting videos about World Marrow Donor Day.

Rusfond opened a photo exhibition in Moscow on the occasion of World Marrow Donor Day telling the stories of 'special people'. These special people were all blood stem cell donors!

Keep spreading the word

With World Marrow Donor Day features we want to create a ripple effect beyond World Marrow Donor Day throughout the year. So keep sharing and get ready for World Marrow Donor Day 2021! Use our hashtags #WMDD2021 and #ThankYouDonor

In Israel at the office of Ezer Mizion a special event took place where donors and patients met, had a diner on the roof top while watching an amazing virtual light-show held at the Tower of David in Jerusalem.

Join again next year!

Mark your calendars for 18th September 2021!

The South African registry organised many events leading up to World Marrow Donor Day from every corner of South Africa. This couple traveled to the most southern point to take a swab test to become a donor.