How is the epiphany celebrated in other countries? Audry carnivale 2/10/17

How is it celebrated in Brazil?

This years epiphany or Dia Dos Reis in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was celebrated on January 6, 2017. People dress up as clowns and kings to dance and sing with three kings flags to visit houses with candy and entertainment.

On the 12th day after Christmas they celebrate it to confirm Jesus is the son of God. They celebrate the birth of Jesus by exchanging gifts and visiting people.

It's custom to eat pomegranates because they have a lot of seeds and juice in the fruit and it represents wealth. The tradition originates from Portugal, where the first three seeds sucked were traditionally placed in a drawer where money was kept, the second batch of three went into a bread drawer and the third batch was thrown into fire.

They did all this with the seeds to keep money, food, and warmth all year long. This tradition is still around in Brazil but most people wrap the seeds in foil and keep them in their wallets.

On the eve of the epiphany, children will leave their shoes by the window or outside the front door and will find them filled with candy in the morning.

6 facts about Three Wise Men day in Latin America

1. Receiving gifts from the three Magi is more significant than Santa Claus

2. They have a large, oval shaped cake that symbolizes a crown. In that cake there is a small figurine of baby Jesus and whoever gets it has to host a party

3. Peru's capital Lima was originally named ciudad de los Reyes. There is a legend that an explorer named it that because he discovered it on January 6

4. They celebrate with huge parades and celebrations

5. It is the 12th. Day of Christmas and is the last day of the season of Christmas

6. The three Wise Men are also known as the Magi, some believed them to be astronomers,+Christmas+in

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