Middle School: The Worst Years of my Life Book Review By Ava, mms

Ring! The bell rang and Rafe was late with headphones on his head. There goes another rule being broken! Rafe wanted to play his Operation R.A.F.E. game by breaking all the rules, but Miller the bully took his notebook. So Rafe first tried to save enough money by selling things. Then he eventually forgot about it and got suspended for drawing on canvases on the wall. Rafe put canvases on the side of the school wall and drew on them with a marker. Then he got suspended and went with his mom to her work because no one could take care of him during the summer. My emotions were that this kind of made me nervous because I didn't know what kind of trouble he was going to be into. Rafe’s emotions were that he was excited to draw on the canvases and it was early in the morning.

He got suspended and went to his mom’s work with her. The life lesson was to follow the rules, stay in school, and stay away from bullies. Also don’t beat up bullies because they might tell someone or could beat you up more and could get you injured pretty bad. Rafe breaks a lot of rules and it entertains you to want to see which one he breaks next. Rafe makes a game with his imaginary friend to breaks the school rules. He would get a certain amount of points depending on how crazy it was, which most of them were. Rafe always did the most craziest ones too, like riding on a scooter in gym or pulling the fire alarm when unnecessary. Rafe and Leo his imaginary friend try to make a game to break the rules. Rafe can be a normal middle schooler, but will he agree with Leo and get into trouble or will he be normal in school? Find out in James Patterson’s Middle School: The Worst Years of my Life! I think people who like realistic fiction and humor would like this!

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