Town Of Chase Wisconsin

Town Hall: 8481 County Rd S, Pulaski WI, 54162
Chase Map


  1. Public works: There are brush cuttings on Safian Rd and Karcz Ln. Also fixed a sign on Safian Rd and plowed and salted parking lots.
  2. Building Inspector: Issued 9 building permits. 6 were for new homes, 2 for accessory, and 1 was for razing.
  3. Pulaski Fire Department: Town of Chase was the only municipality to vote "no" on the new fire truck.
  4. Plan Commission: They approved survey map for Nathan Register and received an update on the Stone Barn lights.
The Chase Stone Barn

Stone Barn Parking Lot Lights

Handling of Issue: The meeting gave an update that Nickels Electric is working on the parking lot lights. They plan to set them up during the year. My Opinion: I believe that the Town of Chase is handling the issue well because they are ensuring that lights be set up in a timely matter. Although, I would follow through with the company to make sure the lights will be of good quality and will be set up correctly. Also, I would use the least amount of lights needed to use less money for finishing the project.

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