We are looking for people that care a lot about animals as we are all facing the same emotional feelings of seeing animals being abused and tortured. We want to help the animals by contributing to them our loving care and support and we should not take them for granted as we love animals. We want to help them as our goal is to build animal shelters for the stray animals that are out in the street.


We want to raise awareness that abusing animals in any sort of way is a very sinister thing to do. There are even laws towards abusing of animals and taking the wrong step is going to make the culprit face the consequences. Forms of abusing animals are like: Physical Abuse, Torture, Cooking etc. We want to save the stray animals that are out in the street but we want to raise awareness and ask for support as "One alone cannot reach with their helping hand, but the whole world can do so."

Created By
Mohamed Firdaus Ramlan


Created with images by Koriman - "Crueldad Animal - Que injusticia!!!" • DavidMartynHunt - "Cat in a cage" • Bergadder - "prairie dog rodent animals" • Alexas_Fotos - "monkey gorilla zoo"

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