Newsletter 11th January 2018

From the Head

As part of our Mental Health and Wellbeing week (14th-18th January 2019) we are thrilled to have arranged an evening talk for parents.

Dick Moore will be coming to St Olave’s on Tuesday 15th January 2019 to talk to parents about child and adolescent mental health. The talk will take place at 7.00pm in the School Hall.

Dick, the parent of four children and a headmaster for almost 23 years, embarked upon a mission to discover more about what makes young people tick and what he could or should have done during the challenging times. He has a passion for child and adolescent mental health and wellbeing and will be exploring how young people think, why adolescence is an especially vulnerable time and about common issues which can arise when the going gets tough.

Finally, he will offer some tongue in cheek tips for parenthood! He has spoken at over 300 schools, universities, businesses and conferences both in the UK and overseas. He also gave a TED talk in April 2015, has appeared on BBC Breakfast, BBC Radio 5 Live and ITN News with Mary Nightingale and comes highly recommended by local schools.

Please note this talk is just for parents, Dick will be talking to pupils in Years 5 and 6 during the day.

Please save the date; Dick really is an informative, engaging speaker tackling a subject of huge importance to everybody within our school community. If you could please complete the Google form sent out last week to let us know you are attending, that would be greatly appreciated.

Miss McNamara has organised an excellent week for the children to raise the importance of Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health among the children and help them to develop resilience and strategies to cope with how they are feeling. Thank you for your support of the week, please do ask your children about Mental Health and what they have learnt to reinforce the messages being taught. If you would like any support or have any questions, please contact the School Office and one of the Wellbeing team will be in touch with you.

Kind regards, Miss Holloway


Emotional Wellbeing And Mental Health Week

If your child is in classes from Nursery to Year 3, please remember to send in a full, clear, plastic water bottle (without ridges is best!) for the Mindfulness activity next week.

Next Tuesday 14th January from 7pm-8.30pm there will be an inspiring talk from Dick Moore to give some important advice and tips on how to support your child with their mental health.


Match Funding

Many large companies offer match funding benefits to employees - where they match a figure your chosen charity raises - up to £700 per time. We'd love to hear from anyone whose company offers this benefit, as we are a registered charity and could therefore increase the revenue from the events we run enormously. If just a handful of parents stepped forward it would make a massive difference. Your HR department will be able to confirm if your company participates in the scheme - most large banks do, as well as other sectors.

Volunteers Needed!

Please see any member of the FRSC or Mrs Farrell on the gate if you would like to find out more. Anyone willing to offer help, services or donations, please see Mrs Farrell for further information.

The Giving Machine

Remember, when you are shopping online you can generate a free cash donation for us just by clicking via www.TheGivingMachine.co.uk. You’ll find over 2,200 of the most popular stores, so it’s easy for you to make a difference without it costing you a penny more than the normal purchase price of your item. Your shopping has already raised over £100 for St Olave’s so please remember to shop through this link whenever you are shopping online!

St Olave’s School Trust on TheGivingMachine: https://www.thegivingmachine.co.uk/causes/st-olaves-school-trust-266085

Year 6

Year 6 have made a fantastic start to 2019! We were very impressed by the children’s homework over the break, whether this was working towards their secondary entrance exams or researching Charles Darwin and Evolution. Well done for completing these during a very busy time of year! We began our Spring term by revising some of our maths skills by either completing 11+ tests or working on problem solving. In English, we have learnt about modal verbs and have put them into practice by using them in a setting description. We have also introduced two of our new IPC topics - ‘Going Global’ and ‘Out of Africa’. We had a very exciting entry point for Going Global, which involved playing a trading game for six new invented countries, it was made tricky due to the countries only being about to import or export certain items. Our ‘Out of Africa’ entry point was also exciting, Mr Schaller introduced us to the ‘Tree of Life’ that Charles Darwin drew, and we created our own one. We are looking forward to next week, the Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Week with all the different activities and visitors that we will be having in school.

Year 5

What a super first week back it has been in Year 5! We have been so impressed with the children’s positive attitude towards their first lessons of 2019!

In English, the children have been identifying the ‘subject’ and ‘object’ within sentences and have amazed us with their ability to identify them, as well as other word classes. This led on well into our understanding and identification of main and subordinate clauses. In maths this week, the children have been revising the concepts covered from our ‘Statistics’ lessons. We will be starting our new maths topic, ‘Multiplication and Division’ after Mental Health and Wellbeing Week.

In our IPC lessons this week, we started our brand new unit, ‘The Holiday Show’! For our entry point, we identified the key information tourists may wish to know when the visit a city. We then used these ideas to create our own information posters for tourists visiting London. In our next lesson we will be creating a knowledge harvest of what we already know about travel and the effects of tourism. In PSHEE the children were asked to create a knowledge harvest of what they already know about how to stay healthy. A lot of the children mentioned how important it is to have both a healthy mind and a healthy body, which leads on perfectly to our focus next week on mental health awareness and wellbeing.

Year 4

The children have started the new year with a fantastic attitude and lots of energy. We were very impressed by how much the children had read over the holidays, with many choosing to take the Bookmark Challenge. Those who succeeded decorated biscuits yesterday with Mrs Fowler Wright and many were keen to talk about the books they had read.

We also really enjoyed the presentations that the children have shared about their hobbies and interests outside of school. We have all learnt a lot from each other.

In games this week, the children showed great teamwork. They enjoyed playing tag rugby and creating their own dances in groups about monsters. The group pictured below decided to be dragons, who hatched out of eggs in a dark cave.

The first swimming lesson of the year went really well. Just a reminder that carousel will be on Monday mornings now, starting from next week.

Year 3

It was lovely to welcome all the children back on Tuesday; they all arrived looking refreshed, with a positive attitude and ready to learn. It has been a busy week and we have certainly got off to the Spring term with a flying start!

Thank you for putting in such a huge amount of effort with the homework tasks over the holidays. We appreciate the Christmas period is a very busy time and so were very impressed with the high quality of the work. It was fantastic to see so many of you had not only written the recipe for the trifle but had made them too - they looked delicious! We will be sharing the work about our hobbies next week as part of our emotional health and well-being week, which we are all very much looking forward to.

In Maths we have started our unit on multiplication and division and the children have enjoyed the activities. The reasoning and problem solving tasks proved a bit tricky and we will continue to practise these skills over the coming weeks.

In English we have been looking at the features of and writing informal letters. All the children completed this task independently had a number of ‘steps to success’ which they diligently tried to apply in their writing. It was great to see how thoughtful they were about their writing and all the progress they have made since the beginning of the year was clearly evident.

There was a lot of work completed this week on light as part of our ‘Turn it up’ IPC topic. How light helps us to see, how shadows are formed and how the position the the light source affects them were all explored. Ask your mini scientist what they have learned!

Year 2

Happy New Year! It was great to have the children back on Tuesday ready to learn and full of their Christmas news to share. The children wrote us letters about their Christmas holidays. It sounds as if you all had some quality family time together.

We spoke about New Year’s resolutions and the children have all made promises that they would like to fulfil this year. They were very thoughtful with their resolutions. The children were thrilled to bring home their special pictures that they completed last term which have now been turned into calendars. We hope that you enjoy hanging them in a special place at home.

Our maths work has been based on money and the children have been learning about pounds and pence. Please encourage your children to count the contents of their piggy banks or even your purses and wallets. The practical handling of money is invaluable at this stage, especially in a society where many of us just “beep” our payment using chip and pin! By looking at the value of coins and notes and through playing “shops” at home, the children will soon come to realise that there is no 3p coin or £7 note. They will also develop speed in their mental calculations which will help in all areas of maths, including multiplication.

This weekend, we would like the children to make sure that their “People of the Past” homework is completed beautifully, ready to bring to school on Monday. The children must draw a picture of their famous person in the space provided. If there is room on the picture, it would be nice to have a background or drawing of the reason for their fame.

We are looking forward to Mental Health Week which starts on Monday. Please remember that on Wednesday of next week, the children will be given the opportunity to share their hobby with the class. This is another thing that will need some preparation and thought, either over the weekend or at the start of next week. We will not be setting homework as such during mental health week. We do, however, expect the children to read each night at home and hope that they will tell you something about what they have learned during the course of each day. We hope you have a lovely weekend!

Year 1

Thank you so much for your kind and generous gifts at Christmas time, the Year 1 team were touched by your thoughtfulness and are very much looking forward to a fantastic 2019 with your children.

We started the week with a surprise visit from Olaf from Frozen. He came to find out about all the children’s Christmas traditions. The children were full of excitement and shared their news with enthusiasm. They all wrote a letter to Olaf describing some of their family traditions. Following this, the children carried out an independent writing task. We read the story ‘The Day the Crayons Came Home’ and the children wrote a letter of response to one of the crayons. It was a great opportunity to see how much the children have progressed since the start of Year 1.

In maths, we focused on 2D and 3D shapes. The children reviewed the shape names and their different properties. They tried really hard to use the correct vocabulary when describing the shapes. We also carried out a shape hunt to see what shapes we could find around the classroom and school. Later in the week, the children investigated the statement ‘all 3D shapes have the same number of vertices as they do faces.’ They looked at various shapes and counted the vertices and faces to test if the statement was true or false. We were impressed with how the children worked together to check and discuss the statement.


Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed a lovely and restful Christmas break. Our topic this term is ‘People who help us’ and our focus this week has been on Dentists. The children have started the new year with great enthusiasm, learning all about their teeth and how to keep them healthy. We have enjoyed practising brushing our teeth for 2 minutes and have talked about foods that may harm our teeth. The children counted their teeth and have taken photos of their smiles for a game of guess who.

Can you guess the smiles below?

Here is a video of the children’s learning in their first term of school, we are sure the next two terms are going to be just as much fun!


It has been a fun packed first week back in Nursery, learning about how dentists help us keep our teeth clean and healthy. We started the week sorting foods into groups that were healthy for our teeth and those which were not so healthy because they contained a lot of sugar. We talked about which foods we could eat every day and those which were just for treats. The children then chose a healthy food to decorate to create a display all about healthy teeth. Look at their wonderful toothy grins!

Colin the crocodile also came to visit this week to explain how he keeps his teeth so clean and sparkly. He showed the children how to clean their teeth properly so that all the bacteria is removed and even how to clean their tongue! The children then showed Colin how they clean their teeth and he was so impressed.

We also watched a clip about Ava’s first visit to the dentist. The children enjoyed seeing her sit in the dentist’s chair and have her teeth counted. They learned about milk teeth and are very excited about when it will be their turn for the tooth fairy to visit!

Next week alongside activities linked to St Olave’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Week, we will also be learning about the work of a chef.

Have a lovely weekend.



Please could the children in Year 1 have their Ocarinas in school for their carousel lesson every Thursday.

Children in Years 2-6 will need recorders on the following day

  • Monday: Year 4
  • Wednesday: Year 2
  • Thursday: Year 5
  • Friday: Year 3 and Year 6

Thank you

Pet Club

We hold Pet Club on Tuesday lunchtimes every week. We already have several dogs visiting this term, so we are particularly interested to meet other animals. If you have a child-friendly pet that would like to visit us please let me know. Thank You.

Mrs Farrell

Family Liaison and Community Lead

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