Pissed Off By Fit For A King


2016 | Metal

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“We create, we destroy. -- The descendants blade will pierce the flesh. -- We attack and deploy. -- We are slaves to nothing but the wars that we fight."


  • Deathgrip hit #71 on the Billboard 200 chart, #2 on the christian chart, #18 on the Rock chart & #2 on the Hard Rock chart.
  • Fit for a King is an American Christian Metalcore band from Dallas, Texas.
  • "Pissed Off" was written, after the Massacre at the Battaclan where the Eagles of Death Metal were set to headline with Fit For A King opening in November 2015.


Luke Tatum

Fit for a King proposes that "the carnage that wee see on our TV screens," and "the hate that tears this world apart," are never-ending. Are these things eternal? Perhaps. But does the current level of hatred need to persist, or can the situation be improved? I would favor the latter outlook, certainly. While the song itself is not exactly hopeful, I think it's easy to find hope if you desire to look for it. The information certainly makes an era of awakening possible. We should help facilitate that however we can.

Sherry Voluntary

“We are slaves to nothing.” So true. The thing that enslaves people is their belief in authority. Stop believing that politicians, or priests, have the right to use force against you and it all begins to crumble.

Nicky P

Luke above sees this song as not hopeful and i suppose that might be true if we look only at the lyrics. This particular song has a bigger context that I think is actually more hopeful. Fit For a King was one of the bands on the bill with Eagles of Death Metal at the Battaclan massacre in Paris in 2015. A horrible act of violence was unleashed there and acts of violence affect people in different ways. The Eagles Of Death Metal are without question my favorite rock & roll band (not too many of them these days.) Jessie Hughes their lead singer was deeply affected by the event and as a Christian conservative Reaganite he came out of that event with a zealous hatred toward the other who perpetrated the act. He became more far more vocal about militant action against "terroroists." His fear made him buy hard into the neocon agenda. But that very same event gave us this song. While its somber in tone it focuses on the true enemy: our own foreign policy. I consider another lyricist finding the idea of blow-back in our society very hopeful.

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Nicky P

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