Paying College Athletes Nathan Hines

The NCAA makes billions of dollars annually on the performance of student-athletes and the money does not sprinkle down to the people who make the money for the NCAA in the first place.

These images showcase some of the more physically taxing sports and the highest revenue generating sports in the NCAA which helps the argument that they should be paid. All of these sports combined generate approximately $5-$6 billion annually.

Football is the biggest revenue generating sport for the NCAA and it is the most physically demanding so monetary compensation is absolutely necessary for the football athletes immediately. Especially when positional players like running backs and linemen are more susceptible to concussions which have detrimental, long term impacts.

These images show the many aspects of a college tuition that are supposed to be covered in a full athletic scholarship yet may not be since rising costs have made full athletic scholarships fallen in the amount of value they cover. Full athletic scholarships fall $2,000 to $3,000 short of covering the full cost of college.

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