Case of Anna Garcia Ashley Pizana


This case is revolved around the mysterious death of Anna Garcia. There are numerous possibilities of how the crime may have occurred. It was reported by her neighbor that he had found her dead in her own home; and here is what we found from the evidence.

Blood Spatter

The evidence indicates that the blood was 90 degrees. It had fallen 74 cm straight down, in which the measurement is the same as the height of the table.

Fingerprints :

Fingerprints were found on the wine glass, which after evaluating belonged to Anna's ex-husband, Alex Garcia. He confesses he had seen her the night before her death.

Unidentified Pills

After examination, the pills were identified as aspirin. They might have been used as her medication.

DNA Analysis

After testing, the blood, evidently, was of Anna's own.


The hair found at the scene was Anna's. It was also confirmed that her hair was dyed, as her natural hair color is brown rather than the artificial blonde she sported.

Autopsy Report

Anna had injuries located on her head, her elbow, and her temple. No sign of any scratches or other wounds were found other than swollen ankles. No sign of struggle was detected.


After gathering all the evidence, it is most probable that her death was a result of an accident. Her medications or pain probably led to her death in her own home. She could have had bad footing, lost her pace, and hit her head against the table.

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