2 Months Andrew Tysick

I will begin my update by stating that the following two months have been a time of learning how to be a leader and what serving people everyday looks like.

I arrived in Kyiv on June 18th and started a ten-day long course called B2B (Be the leader that God wants you to be). During this course I was taught on how our characters, personalities, and the gifts that God has given us make us a leader and how to use our strengths and weakness. Also, in the course the staff taught on how to establish our precise visions and goals.

After I graduated this course I headed to my new home: Ternopil Ukraine. When I arrived there was already a school in progress called LDC (Leadership Development Course). It is a six-week version of the course that I did in Kyiv. During this time I helped cook for lunch and supper everyday except the weekends. This time was an exhausting time of cooking for so many people, but it’s where I saw what it was to be a servant to people. I saw how gracious a lot of the students and staff were to someone who was cooking for them. Being able to help the school by cooking just showed me the importance of how we all need to be willing to serve each other, even when its hard and boring sometimes, and not expecting anything in return.

I could not finish the six-weeks of cooking because I needed to go to Budapest to apply for a visa. I am actually currently writing this as I am in a coffee shop in Budapest. I can already tell you that I am accepted for the visa that I need and I am going to be picking it up soon - I am really grateful for this. When I get back home to Ukraine I will be attending a DTS workshop (Discipleship Training School). This workshop is to train the staff to become better and gain more knowledge and skills to be used in the upcoming schools. My base is having a DTS (Discipleship Training School) that is starting on October 24th 2018. We are starting to get ready with planning the lectures and talking with applicants.

The Prayer requests I have:

- That potential students will follow through with fully applying for Discipleship Training School so that we can start processing their applications and be able to plan for our upcoming school.

- Preparation for the upcoming school.

- I am still trusting God for monthly financial support.


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