The desire to create a culture of innovation is a priority for all Martin Bros. team members. Bold and proactive thinking has been responsible for many of the improvements we have added to our building process. Currently, prefabrication is one of our newer, more successful programs.

Prefabrication of Restrooms & Exterior Panels

Riverside Hospital Expansion

At the Riverside Hospital Expansion project, Martin Bros. utilized our prefabrication expertise on a variety of scopes. One of the most effective practices implemented on this project was the prefabrication of entire restrooms. By beginning construction on the restroom off-site, we were able to not only get a head start on our work, but we were also able to relieve stress on the schedule. After framing of the restrooms was complete, the completed structures were flown up and installed on the upper floors

With the success of the restroom prefabrication process at Riverside Hospital, we are exploring more ways to implement this technique throughout the entire Martin Bros. catalog of projects.

Prefabricated Exterior Panels

In addition to the restrooms, we prefabricated and installed exterior panels at the Riverside Hospital Expansion.

Panels Were Flown Into Place
Panel Installation Time lapse

Check out the video below to see us execute this idea on a previous project.

Prefabricated Shapes

Our drywall CNC machine is a revolutionary system that allows us to create intricate shapes and assemblies while improving quality and reducing on-site installation durations.

USC - The Village

The Village was a ground-up project requiring the quick and accurate production of drywall shapes, with many of them being of the unique variety. The video below shows our prefabrication process on-site at The Village.

Nickelodeon Headquarters

The Nickelodeon Headquarters in Burbank, CA called for the production of circular drywall shapes. We utilized our CNC machines to create perfectly symmetrical drywall inserts. See photos below of what we were able to achieve.

Circular Shapes Installed


With multiple CNC machines at our disposal, Martin Bros. can create unique shapes to fit any project’s needs.

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