double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble Macbeth's witches aren't the only ones who can help you brew something up. Koss Industrial's Processing Tanks beat out Cauldrons every time.

Cook, heat, cool, even mix up batches with repeatability. Control your recipes & spells.

"Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble."

Processing Tanks.

We can get your batch bubbling without the fire. Our jacketing options and heating zones provide precise control when heating your product (to cook or to maintain temperature).

Need ASME Code heat transfer? We can do that. Ask us about our stamps and certifications sometime.

...the witches' spell in Macbeth mentions nothing of mixing, but that's important.

Don't risk burning or spotty heating, mix it up!

Agitation options abound when you partner with KOSS (because we specialize in custom). Scraped or Swept Surface, Paddles/Blades, Impeller/Propeller, High Shear Mixers, Liquifier Blades, and more options are available to you.

Imagine the spells those witches could've turned out with these. Can you see why 12 out of 13 witches choose Processing Tanks over Cauldrons? Keep scrolling for more reasons why.

Processing Vessels aren't all made equal.

Superior materials, design, and construction make our Tanks' quality better than the competition's (and better than cauldrons) - our skilled craftsmen are so good at what they do that we also offer our modification services to bring other manufacturers' equipment up to your plant's sanitary standards.

300 Gallon Starter Tank (35001M)

Witches' Cauldrons are limited, our Tanks are fully customizable.

A variety of shapes & sizes that range from 1-3,000+ gallons are designed & manufactured to USDA & WDA Sanitary Standards at our facility, per customer specifications. Witches Cauldrons are available in few sizes and fewer shapes.

150 Gallon Starter Tank
50 Gallon Starter Tank
50 Gallon Starter Tank

"Fillet of a fenny snake, In the cauldron boil and bake;"

Not sure about the snake, but insects are interesting ingredients... This time we have different "bugs" in mind though. Let's talk more about bugs, specifically bacteria and starter cultures.

Culture Tanks & auto-culture starter systems.

Starter Tanks ensure your culture is precisely maintained and protected.

Custom Culture Tank Skid

Don't use an open cauldron in a witches' lair. Develop your cultures in a controlled sanitary environment. KOSS Culture Tanks provide an optimal, advanced method for you to control culture quality.

Witches' cauldrons can't be automated, our Processing Tanks can be.

In our Auto-Culture Starter Systems, Tanks feature Steam & Cooling Jackets. Working like a batch pasteurizer, it heats then cools the tank(s), forming your ideal environment for culture development. Utilizing pH buffering as well, you can make it perfect. Reach your desired set-point and set the temperature to hold your developed culture. Our Automation Services provide excellent batch control (whether you're making recipes, spells, or charms).

"Cool it with a baboon's blood, Then the charm is firm and good."

We disagree with Macbeth's Witches on this. We're pretty sure that most regulatory organizations also frown upon this method of cooling, also we doubt that it's very effective for thermal transfer.

We don't think that cooling with baboon blood is a very good idea, but we have better options. Our thermal transfer solutions can utilize glycol, cold water, or whatever media it is you're using to lower your product temperature. So leave the baboon's blood in the baboon please, and talk to us about cooling your product down.

What sort of chilling solutions can we offer?

Plate Heat Exchangers (we're an Alfa Laval Master Distributor), KOSS custom Shell Tube Heat Exchangers, and we can even supply Chillers as part of our turnkey project capabilities.

Heat Exchangers, custom manufactured or supplied, provide effective sanitary thermal transfer.

Whatever it is, our Engineering Team can configure and size to optimize your process.

The moral of the story?

Trust KOSS' equipment and services, not witches (or their cauldrons).


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