Days of my Christmas

Day 1:I spent all day in my house putting on some Christmas decorations.

Day 2 On this day I kept putting the omaments that I needed and then went for a walk on the palms after I was all that remained in my house in the day.

Day 3:I went to the Kringle and went south at my house and stayed there for 3 days.

Day 4:In the south I went to the park of tau riot but I did not pull by all the togoganes and I went to a if walking I went for while circling and returned to my house.

Day 5:We went to a park and went to the haystack with which car to fish on a beach that was by sona I did not fish any but father caught 3 fish and go to my house .

Day 6:On this day I returned to tell de and we were placing the house and ordering it and we used the rest of the day at home.

Day 7:On this day began to review math I was 3 hours reviewing the topics we went to the mall to see a movie was cool when we finished we came back home and I was playing with that computer.

Day 8:I was reviewing English for a while,I do not know how much time but after a while we went to the palms to look at some stores and we went back home.

Day 9:On this day we went to Tenerife to stay in a hotel called 4 stars hotel Paulina we accommodate and in the end we did not leave until the next day.

Day 10:We left the hotel soon and went to the parrot park and I think we were there until the time it closed when we left and went to the hotel.

Day 11:We were strolling along the Octavia and the slaughter where we went to eat a guachinche afterwards fumes to the cinema in the villa we left late hasique we went back to the hotel.

Day 12:We went for a walk around Tenerife north and then we went back to the hotel and had dinner there.

Day 13:On this day we were going back Gran canaria the boat was leaving at 8:00 in the Holy Cross so that we could stroll around Santa Cruz.

Day 14:We gave all day at home I was reviewing mate and English for a while and then the rest playing.

Day 15 On this day we went to shopping center we and we give so much all day at home.

Day 16:On this day we went to be trekking we stayed until 14:00 and we gave at home we were very tired.

Day 17:In this day and age we give the day in the house.

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