Reading Newsletter Eagle PrimarY school - March 2019

Welcome to the Eagle Primary Reading Newsletter for the merry month of March.

I do hope that you are continuing to find these little literary collections interesting, inspiring and enlightening. I take great pleasure in sharing my passion for reading with you and sharing some ideas about the amazing books and authors that are out there.

This month, I am going back to sharing some straightforward great stories. I have read some beauties recently! Now it is your turn to hear about some of them.

Whether you share the books with your children or if you encourage them to read them for themselves, it doesn't matter. I would simply like to see children get the opportunity to develop the breadth and depth of books that they have access to.

You can use the 'Book Sorter' activity to look at some different book reviews and choices if you don't know what to choose.

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Mr Watson

EYFS/KS1 Book of the Month

Tom's Magnificent Machines - Linda Sarah & Ben Mantle

Tom and his dad are good at making things. Their inventions start out simple, but they quickly become bigger, faster, crazier - and they almost always involve wheels. But then Dad loses his job, and everything changes. Sadness clouds the house like a winter sky. That is, until Tom comes up with a brilliant plan that takes their amazing vehicle inventions and creates something astounding - something the world has never seen before . . .

An emotionally charged and highly imaginative book that explores themes of love and support between children and their parents but is also great fun, with incredible inventions, crazy contraptions and a wonderfully inspiring pioneering spirit at its heart.

MR WATSON SAYS: This is a lovely picture book story about the power of imagination, love and family. Utterly heart warming and powerful. Tom and his dad, have it all, seem to lose everything and then find a spark to reinvigorate their lives. Well worth a read.

LKS2 Book of the Month

The Last Wild - Piers Torday

This is a story about a boy named Kester. He is extraordinary, but he doesn't know that yet. All he knows, at this very moment, is this:

1. There is a flock of excited pigeons in his bedroom.

2. They are talking to him.

3. His life will never be quite the same again...

A captivating animal adventure destined to be loved by readers of all ages.

MR WATSON SAYS: This is the first book in a trilogy by the author. I am really enjoying the second one currently. Kester is an interesting and unusual character, who faces a great many challenges that he has to work hard to overcome. If you are a reader of adventure, and have a passion for animals and animal welfare, this could very well be worth a read.

UKS2 Book of the Month

The Murderer's Ape - Jakob Wegelius

Sally Jones is not only a loyal friend, she's an extraordinary individual. In overalls or in a maharaja's turban, this unique gorilla moves among humans without speaking but understands everything. She and the Chief are devoted comrades who operate a cargo boat. A job they are offered pays big bucks, but the deal ends badly, and the Chief is falsely convicted of murder.

For Sally Jones this is the start of a harrowing quest for survival and to clear the Chief's name. Powerful forces are working against her, and they will do anything to protect their secrets.

'I don't know when I last read a book with such pure and unalloyed pleasure. It's ingenious, it's moving, it's charming, it's beautiful, it's exciting, and most importantly the characters are people I feel I know like old friends. I thank Jakob Wegelius wholeheartedly for giving me several hours of joy' -- Philip Pullman

MR WATSON SAYS: This is 588 pages of brilliance. A long book, but it reads much more quickly than you expect. I will offer a small warning, there is a small element of this book that a more sensitive reader may find upsetting, but if you are ready for a challenging read that takes you on a journey around the world with Sally Jones, full of drama, intrigue, mystery and adventure - then this is the gorilla for you!

...and if that's not enough, find out more about Sally Jones and where she came from in this gorgeous prequel.

The Legend of Sally Jones - Jakob Wegelius

Author of the Month

Malorie Blackman

Books by Malorie Blackman

Malorie Blackman is acknowledged as one of today's most imaginative and convincing writers for young readers. The novels in her Noughts & Crosses sequence have won several awards, including the FCBG Red House Children's Book Award, and she has won many other awards for her books. Both Hacker and Thief! won the Young Telegraph/Gimme 5 Award - Malorie is the only author to have won this award twice - while Hacker also won the WH Smith Mind-Boggling Books Award in 1994. Her books for teens include Boys Don't Cry and Noble Conflict.

Her work has appeared on screen, with Pig-Heart Boy, which was shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal, being adapted into a BAFTA-winning TV serial. Malorie has also written a number of titles for younger readers including Cloud Busting, which won the Smarties Silver Award, The Monster Crisp Guzzler, Robot Girl, Snow Dog and Whizziwig. In 2005, Malorie was honoured with the Eleanor Farjeon Award in recognition of her distinguished contribution to the world of children's books. In 2008, she was then honoured with an OBE for her services to Children's Literature.

Malorie Blackman was the UK Children's Laureate 2013-2015

MR WATSON SAYS: Malorie Blackman has an enormous back catalogue of books, from ones for younger readers to teen and young adult fiction. All her books are interesting, exciting and contain characters and story lines that has a great balance of humour and excitement. She really has written something for everyone and her award list speaks for itself!

Your Recommendations...

What book adventures have you been on?

Of course this Newsletter shouldn't be just about my choices.

I would love to hear recommendations from you too.

If you have read and enjoyed a book and think that someone else might enjoy it too, then share the name of the book and author with me, along with a brief summary of the plot and why you think someone else would enjoy the book.

Share the love of books.

You can E-mail your ideas, recommendations and reviews to: mike.watson@eagle.lincs.sch.uk

Remember as always, reading is a beautifully subjective thing... if you don't like a book, think about why before giving up.

Might it be worth another chapter?

Do you understand what is happening?

Use these thoughts to shape your future choices.

Mr Watson

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