Things Fall Apart Photo essay

For a long time, some people have thought they are better than another person because of the color of their skin, their religion, or anything that makes them different from themselves. Lack of respect for others has caused many wars and problems in the world. "Things Fall Apart" is a book about the tribe of Igbo based in the 1890's. Okonkwo is a respected leader but lives in fear of becoming his father who is lazy and cowardly. After Okonkwo accidentally murders a man, he is banished from the tribe for three years. He returns after three years to find that European white men have changed his tribe. In the novel "Things Fall Apart" the theme is mutual respect.

Mutual respect is shown not only in the book "Things Fall Apart," but also in American Slavery.

White men take Africans from there homes because they do not respect them
Slaves forced to work for no pay by white men
African tribe forced to leave home by white men
Family living on a Plantation in Alabama
Slaves are forced to be Christians and learn American ways

Lack of respect for the Native Americans living in North America before Christian immigrants caused Native Americans to be kicked out and turned into Christians.

Native Americans are taught Christianity and forced to wear "American" clothing
Columbus takes over land that Native Americans already owned
Boarding Schools where Native Americans were sent
Map of Native American tribes before colonization
Map of Native American tribes after colonization

Lack of respect in Syria has caused their government to drop chemical bombs on those who rebel against ISIS

Children dead after chemical bomb was dropped by own government
Syrian government then bombed hospital trying to cure victims
Doctor tries to help victims without medical tools needed
People trying to clear rubble after hospital was bombed
Father carrying his kids trying to find help

Time and time again it shows the lack of respect causes wars, death, and discrimination. The theme of the novel "Things Fall Apart" is respect for others. Lack of respect for Okonkwos tribe lead to Christianity being enforced and caused things to fall apart. Most of the worlds problems could be solved if nobody looked down on another person due to skin color, religion, or views.

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