Steamboat By viviana cortez

Steamboats were the most significant change in the 1800s.

The steamboat was invented in 1787, by John Fitch.

This invention was invented so traveling could be more efficient.

This invention effect both, south and north, because it could travel anywhere.

This invention effected westward expansion by having the people who were moving quicker and easier.

The steamboat mad it so people could ship and receive goods easily and efficiently. "Steamboats revolutionized transportation in America by allowing easy travel upriver". (, pg 1).

" Their speeds allowed more efficient transportation of perishable goods". (, pg 1).

"The steamboats were able to cover the distance in a small fraction of the time that kneel boats or barges could be hauled up the river, and it could carry almost 10x the cargo and even fewer men". (, pg 6).

"The steamboat was the first form of engine-powered travel across water". (, pg 1).

When this change happened it became very successful.


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