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China is an East Asian country located in the mid altitudes, facing the Pacific Ocean on the east and south. China is bordered by 14 different countries like North Korea and Russia in the northeastern region, Mongolia up north, Kazakhstan, Kyrgztstan, Tajikistan, and Pakistan to the west, and India,Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam in the South.


China is located in the mid altitude area and is very humid and only has winter in a few areas.

Physical Characteristics

China is a very rugged and uneven country when it comes to land features. China is well know for its Mountains off to the west. Though the mountains isolated China they were very helpful when the mongols tried to invade China.


When people think of China's enviorment, they usually think of the bamboo forest, though some parts of a China are like that the rest is far from that. China has a very endangered enviorment, the reason this is, smog from the factories polluting the skies. China has a lot of factories that release smog into the air. Despite all of the smog and fog China is a beautiful country


The population in China is currently 1.357 billion people and rising.


Customs and traditons

Chinese traditon is very scarce and beautiful with the paintings and poems of ancient China. A very important part of Chinese tradition and customs are monasteries as they housed the many monks of China


China is a very spiritual country. China's main religion is Buddhism seeing as how it structured China's government


The Chinese language is a system of symbols used to represent different words so every word is different


China's food is very unique and delicate but a very popular food in China is rice and beans seeing as rice was what everyone ate before modern technology and farming techniques

The Magical Brocade

By Unknown


The Magical Brocade is a story about a widow and her three sons. The widow likes to make brocades and sells them to people, one day she sees a painting of a beautiful house that she would love to live in, she decides to by the painting and wants to make a Brocade of the house in the painting, the two eldest brothers think that the idea is stupid but the youngest brother encourages her. While she is making the Brocade the eldest brothers complain about how they have no money because their mom won't work and the brothers won't work so the youngest brother decides that he will work for the family. Finally, after three years of hard work the Brocade is finished but it's taken away by the wind and the widow makes the first brother get the Brocade. On his way to retrieve the Brocade he passes by an old woman next to a stone house. The woman asked the brother where he is going and he explains his quest. The women tells him that the faries are going to copy it in Sun Mountain and in order to get it back he has to knock out his two front teeth put them into the stone horse and feed him fruit, then he must go to Flame Mountain and not complain or elese the flames will instantly burn him, afterwards he must go to the icy sea and not shudder or else he will sink. After this the brother is scared and the woman offers the brother a gold box, the brother says yes and does not return home because he doesn't want to share. The widow realizes that the brother hasn't returned and she sends her second son. The second son also talks to the same woman and she tells him what she told the last brother and he also gets scared, and the old woman also gives him a box full of gold. The third son decides that he will also go and retrieve the brocade, the women also tells him the same thing she told his brothers and offers him a box of gold, the Big refuses and knocks out his two front teeth and puts them into the stone horse, feeds the horse, rides to flame mountain without complaining and then he arrives to the icy sea and travel through the whole sea without a single shudder, the boy arrive to Sun Mountain where he waits for the fairy story finish copying, the boy receives the brocade and arrive home to discover that the brocade became an actual house itself and the widow and son live in the brocade together.

Typical Characteristecs

Special beginings

Once upon a time,

Good Charcter

The good character in the story was the younger brother because how he was the only one who didn't let greed get in the way of his quest and returned to his mother with the Brocade.

Evil Character

Though there really wasn't an evil charcter in the story, I would say that the evil in the story is the greed of the two eldest brothers since they only cared about themselves when they earned the gold and not about their mother

Royalty or caStle

There wasn't really any royalty or a castle in this fairytale


The use of magic in this story is when the fairys copied the Brocade and how the stone horse became alive

Problems and Solution

The main problem in the story is that a widow who has three sons made a Brocade that modeled a beautiful house that was in a painting, after she finished the Brocade it is swept away into the wind. The solution to the problem is that one must knock out their two front teeth and put them into a stone horse and feed it some food then go to flame mountain without complaining and then travel across the icy sea and not shudder or else you will sink and then you will reach Sun Mountain.

3s or 7s

The classic motif of using 3 or 7 as a number or set of things in a story. Some threes and sevens in this story are the three brothers and the seven tasks that must be done in order to retrieve the brocade.

Connection to China

This story is connect to China through the brocades seeing as brocade were very popular in China and Sun Mountain


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