Tracking polar bears by:Aliza

I am researching about tracking polar bears . People track polar bears to know what kind of food its eating or if it gained weight or not . They can even find out if the polar bear they tracked is in danger . They track polar bears by tattooing there teeth .

Tattooed Polar Bear

Where are they tracked ? The polar bears are tracked in the vast white desert of the arctic ocean . They track polar bears at the vast white desert of the arctic ocean because thats where most polar bears are found .

The Vast White Desert Of The Arctic Ocean

Why should we care ? We should care because a lot of polar bears are getting extinct and are in danger .

Differences Of A Polar Bear

Glen haven can tell people how important it is to tattoo a polar bear . We can also tell them the reason why we should tattoo the polar bears and more stuff like where to tattoo it and the benefits of tattooing the polar bear .

This my project about tracking polar bears and why its important to track them . I hope you liked my project .


Created with images by flickrfavorites - "Snow on Snout, Polar Bear" • Commodore Gandalf Cunningham - "Toronto Zoo - Polar Bear" • NOAA Photo Library - "arct0040" • skeeze - "polar bears wildlife snow" • JuniorMp - "jump water animal"

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